a member of a nomadic and also warlike asian people who devastated or controlled big parts of east and main Europe and also who worked out their best power under Attila in the 5th century a.d.

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Older Slang: Disparaging and Offensive. A contemptuous term offered to describe a German, especially a German soldier in civilization War ns or II.
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before 900; 1895–1900 because that def. 3; singular the Huns,Old English Hūnas; cognate with Old norseman Hūnar; akin to so late Latin Hunnī
The disparaging and also offensive usage of this hatchet likens the Germans to the barbarous and warlike Huns of the fourth and 5th centuries. The resource of the comparison was a decided by Kaiser Wilhelm II in 1900, encouraging German soldiers bound for China come act toward the Chinese as with “the Huns a thousand years ago.”
humuhumunukunukuapuaa, Humulin, humulon, humus, Humvee, Hun, Húna Bay, Hunan, hunch, hunchback, hunchbacked

Hun have the right to be a term of endearment, a voice spelling from a shortening that honey. It’s also used together a derogatory slang term because that women affiliated in multi-level marketing.

The slang hun (from honey as an affectionate or acquainted term the address) comes from a stereotype around women who work-related in multi-level marketing (MLM). The stereotype is the these women flatter people, or try to sound folksy, when attempting to do a revenue or lure a new recruit, but coming to be nasty upon resistance or rejection. Because that instance: Hey, hun, this might be your possibility to make millions. Hun, together an affectionate hatchet of deal with in a location of a specific name, also enables for quickly creating marketing messages in emails or on social media.

In MLM, salespersons need to work their networks to get new recruits and also sales. But MLMs space popularly seen as pyramid schemes, and MLM employees as bombarding your friends and family about “exciting brand-new business opportunities.” The stereotypically spammy nature of this messages earned these huns the additional nickname: hunbot on digital forums prefer Reddit, a reference to the programmed language of chatbots or spambots.

Hun spread online in the mid-2010s, when MLM became much more commonplace on social media, particularly in on facebook groups among some young, stay-at-home moms, the form imagined to usage a chummy hun.

Unrelated interpretations of hun encompass the fearsome 5th-century Asiatic nomads, the Huns, significantly Attila; the ireland Catholic slur hun because that a northern Irish Protestant; and the derogatory slang hun for a German, especially a German soldier during human being War I and II.

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People who oppose MLM—in details ex-participants that felt taken advantage of—are the ones who most typically use the terms hun and hunbot. Active MLM workers generally discover hun offensive; they choose to think of themselves together entrepreneurs.

More examples of hun:

I had actually been ‘hunzoned’; lulled right into a false feeling of security with someone that purported to be interested in me together a person, yet was actually simply trying to recruit me right into their multi-level marketing scheme.—Jessica Lindsay, Metro, July 2019

“ … MLM sellers, or huns, trying come capitalize ~ above people’s biggest tragedies and heartbreaks in the many crass, opportunistic, and grotesque ways. Below, for example, a hun shills she CBD oil together a cure for PTSD by piggybacking turn off of Memorial Day.”—Cassidy McGillicuddy, Patheos, might 2019