Antigone speak Ismene the Creon ordered a complete funeral honoring Eteocles, according to their customary rites and also leave Polyneices come rot v no funeral or lament.

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What is the score of the protagonist in Sophocles’ play?

Antigone wants to ask her brother Polyneices also though the is illegal.

Why does Zeus punishment the rebels?

Zeus no arrogance and boasting so he blasted the rebels

What mood is produced at the near of the parados?

Victorious, happy and also grateful that the war is over.

Why go Creon decide no to ask Polyneices?

Polyneices defied Creon’s law. Polyneices was banished however still returned and also caused conflict, he is taken into consideration a traitor for leading the rebel army.

What report does the guard deliver to Creon?

The security reports the the human body of Polyneices to be buried.

The safety speaks this lines, yet to who is the security speaking?

The safety was talking to himself, he was contemplating his decision that going to Creon, who deserve to punish him.

To who is Antigone engaged?

Haemon, Creon’s son.

Which personality is arrested because that burying Polyneices?

Antigone is arrested because that burying Polyneices

Why does Haemon visit his father, Creon?

To advice Creon to not kill Antigone

What action does Creon take as a an outcome of Haemon`s visit?

Creon will certainly kill Antigone yet not Haemon.

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Whom walk the Chorus blame for Antigone`s situation?

The Chorus blames Antigone for being stubborn and defying her uncle’s law, however they additionally blame Antigone’s parents who hey think were bad role models

What does the Chorus Leader assume to be the reason for Antigone`s decision to go versus her king?

She is Oedipus’ daughter and she can’t assist herself because of bitterness.

How walk Eurydice answers to she son`s death?

She commits suicide

Whom walk Creon blame for the disastrous deaths the his family members members?

Creon blames himself for the fatality of his wife, son and also niece

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