We"ve a story come tell to the nations

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We"ve a Story to Tell come the Nations

Easy body organ Library, Vol. 47

WE"VE A STORY come TELL come THE countries (Un…

1 We"ve a story come tell to the nations,that shall turn their hearts come the right,a story the truth and also mercy,a story of peace and also light,a story the peace and also light.

Refrain:For the darkness shall revolve to dawning,and the dawning come noonday bright,and Christ"s great kingdom shall come on earth,the kingdom that love and light.

2 We"ve a song to it is in sung to the nations,that candlestick lift your hearts to the Lord,a tune that shall dominate evil,and break the spear and also sword,and shatter the spear and sword.

3 We"ve a message to offer to the nations,that the Lord who reigneth abovehas sent us His kid to conserve us,and show us that God is love,and display us the God is love.

4 We"ve a Savior to show to the nations,who the path of sorrow has actually trod,that all of the world"s good peoplesmay come to the reality of God,may involved the fact of God! Source: Celebrating grace Hymnal #427

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Author: H. Ernest Nichol

H. Ernest Nichol (b. Hull, Yorkshire, England, 1862; d. Skirlaugh, Yorkshire, England, 1926) had begun a study regimen in civil design when he decided to research music instead. In 1888 he obtained a bachelor"s degree in music from Oxford University. Nichol composed some 130 singing tunes and texts, plenty of under the pseudonym “Colin Sterne” (derived from his middle and last name); numerous were an initial sung in ~ church institution programs.Psalter Hymnal Handbook…Go to human being page >