Giving educators innovative means to design and also deliver engaging learning experiences every day.Meet the new Discovery Education



Engage every Students

From science to the performing arts, uncover attention-grabbing content for tomorrow’s lesson.

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Virtual ar Trips, videos, text, podcasts, interactives, behind‑the-scenes at major organizations, career spotlights, and more.

Real-world, high-quality, and also vetted.

Curated Content

Design engaging finding out experiences and also track student development in real-time.

Check for expertise at strategic actions in the great you design with interaction Quiz.

Use Studio to build an imaginative lessons and tasks that incorporate our timely, pertinent content.

Platform Features

Support every Educators

Time-saving sources for teaching, creating, and also collaborating.

Ready-to-use activities combine the best of our content and also instructional strategies for you.

Activity Templates in Studio aid jump start your own creative lesson ideas.

Platform Features

Professional support you’ve to be looking for.

Toolkits because that leaders, on-demand sessions, self-paced modules and courses, live events, and also more.

Connect v the largest worldwide network of educators for inspiration, fashionable recommendations, and best practices.

Educator Supports

Curriculum packs

Core and supplemental curriculum resources provide you even more reason come use exploration Education every day.

Access your Digital World

One certain platform that seamlessly integrates through your various other edtech tools.

New login methods make accessing exploration Education effortless, there is no compromising security. Think QR codes, login assistance, and the capability to search by school. Our integrations with discovering management systems space tighter than ever, so friend can conveniently merge our content and resources right into the learning settings you currently have in place.

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Access + Integrations

“I look front to logging in, every day. Even if it is I need a quick video clip about a present event, a pre-made learning activity for a lesson, or utilizing Quiz to poll mine class, there’s constantly something useful. I feel like discovery Education has really listened come what educators need.”

Amy ErbSTEAM Teacher

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