album: "All Things set Aside" (2006)

1. The Uprising2. Entrance Level leave Wounds3. Your civilization Of Lies4. Note My Words5. All Things collection Aside6. Indefinite Bloodlust7. Sever The Voices8. Black color Funeral March9. The Session

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1. The Uprising

2. Entrance Level leave Wounds

Dirty habits and dirty lives.She can"t organize back.She need to fulfil her end of the addiction.Hunting, sweating, freezing.Just another day in the life that a dead girl.She cant live without her shit.Rock bottom is just about the corner, and also she has a first class ticket.Test the vein, prep it...Tie the knot, do the blood clot...Needle in."Oh, what sin!", they all say.Just wait there"s more.More native this whore?Oh yes over there is...she damaged her kids.In a human being that couple of can understand, she"s full of fucking pity.This life is not worth living.Who"s she kidding? currently she has entry level exit wounds.Her confront is missing.

3. Your world Of Lies

Stuck in your civilization of do believe, that is you who failsYou look for guidance from all the not correct placesYou allow the indigenous on a page dictate her lifeYou space so blinded by this lies the you never ever take the time to figure out who you important areI will never be among those misguided foolsHis blood was shed?Supposedly for the services of mankindIts time to open up your ear to the truthHis blood was shed? It"s nothing but a fairy taleSome ink on a page, part ink ~ above a pageI understand the truthSo close the book, so close that bookNever againGet caught in the storyNever againI will never be among those misguided foolsBut your people of lies is her homeWe are on our ownI do my very own choiceNo one is acquisition credit for my storyThe masses are blindBlinded through faith, top them onNo one controls mine destinyNo one, no one but meI recognize the truth, we are on our own

4. Mark My Words

You room the destroyer of one of the just things that ns value and hold nearby to my heartNow you have actually taken my life, and you have actually taken mine soulBut times have actually changedYou room dead come meI to be no much longer your torture victimI"m fed up through your fucking lies and gamesThe tables have actually turned and also I shall have actually my wayThis is a brand-new beginning in every wayYou and I are a zero of the pastYou"ve wasted so much of mine life and I will certainly never gain it backNo an ext will friend haunt my lifeMark mine words, you were nothing much more than a mistakeNo more, i am spring pastPast youI am currently a more powerful person because of this, not since of youMark mine words, you are doneMark mine words, you space deathI am now a stronger person because of thisMark mine words, you space doneMark mine words, you space death

5. All Things collection Aside

When all their backs have actually turned, the worst is now much worse.The plot of being weeded out, no one to turn to.You need to fight on.Spill blood.This is now a fight.You should fight on.Spill blood.This is currently a fight to the end.Leave nobody alive.No excuses.They gave this a start, and also we are offering it an end.Bring forth your tortured.Bring forth you and also I.No remorse.In ours hearts and our minds.These room all things set aside In ours hearts and also our minds, over there is a poison the weakens your veins.No trust.When every hope is lost, we will certainly stand.Heads held high.All things collection aside They space the poison.

6. Indefinite Bloodlust

We all have a craving because that destructionIt"s an additional piece of who we areWhy deny these blood fill urgesThey egg it onWe lust because that bloodTo lust because that blood is to refuse that we areWe must think around what us areWhat us areWe space beings, violent mindedYet lock think us to it is in blindWe room the hope because that a much better tomorrow a.k.a yesterdays unattended funeralsThey take away our blades yet ask united state to decipateThis is not just how it"s supposed to beKilling is killing, no matter just how the heat goes flatReach out, grab her victimPlace the blade on his veinDon"t psychic the memory spilling across your fingersJust close your eyes and do together your toldThey to speak we benefit from this but we feel more raped 보다 anythingThey"ll furious us with sexBlind us from gore yet ask us to killFuck youWe"ll watch what we desire to seeYou kill if you desire to killThis is indefinite bloodlust

7. Sever The Voices

We all know what lies behind the wall surfaces of deceit.These are the thoughts that store him awake.He contemplates his fate.He has to decide what that is he important wants.An hour that pleasure, or two ruined lives?He needs to decide.He cant sever the voices, indigenous his mind.The now.What is his choice, no what is his fate.To damage all the is beautiful in not just his life, however hers too?Separate the time and place, that has pertained to the end.He holds top top false principles of what provides a man.He thinks no much more about the love the another, he choose to only meet himself.Selfishness is no the word.He has chosen, but he knows this is wrong.He inserts...death for lust.She grieves.He knows far better but choose his path and also now he have to live with this.She to walk in, challenge like death.She puts her hands around his weak and also sweaty neck.He"s rotate cold blue now.There is blood and also there"s tears, for this occasion.She can"t sever the voices from her mind.They held each various other down

8. Black color Funeral March

Cringing at the assumed of managing your lossWith each new day top to an ext devastationWaiting for the speak to "I"m sorry...he"s gone"All that appears to it is in is sufferingWeeping, frustration, possibly denialShopping because that casketsVoid of real life as soon as you"re shedding another"sBow your head and also clear her thoughtsThis will certainly be a funeral marchVoid of real life when shedding another"sVictim to a heinous crimeWhy him? Torture.

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Bloodshed.Why him? world are sick and also that no changeRevolting actions cause this painBut to overcome a pain for this reason fierce?How walk one continue on in life?One just does, simply doesNothing have the right to pay ago the price that a lifeThis is a black funeral marchThis isn"t the end

9. The Session

(We gonna carry out it like this)The supreme human beingSmoking a shitload the treesFocused ~ above interveningPut a little bit of absent on the blockAnd clock everybody gain high native itThere"s no challenge of the flowMore facility than mine ebonicsYou can"t gain wit" itI"m not sick witted, I"m noble wit" itIt"s prefer a crime lock committed,But just like O.J.,I"mma gain acquittedSittin" ~ above a fistful the dopeHid it every by the cityI"mma star choose that point that to be hanging turn off of Janet"s titty(Nigga)Brutal together Brutus and also Caesar,Giving speaker seizuresThere"s no time because that shit,Let alone leisureBustin" boat rockin", display stoppin",Heart droppin", chart toppin", script outShows that make paraplegics flip outNiggas, they it is in bustin" through their clip outSellin wolf tickets,But once the shit kicks offThey hoppin" end picketsAddin" the Veil that Maya to my mind frameNow I"mma let Getatem acquire at "em and do the damn thing(This is nothin")I"ve acquired the pesos, the G,And the francs, and the dinaroWith triple triple zeros in my safeHannah MontaroYou think the skills pay the bills, huh?Only if you to speak so, foolThen why you ridin" a Money stacked choose Legos?"Cause I"m one incredibleIntelligent individualRhymin" is my ritualI"m 100% spiritualIn this spiritI hear it comin" from your heartFrom my dawgsIn the darkLight it up, it"s time come sparkOn the dutch masterWhile us at the superbowlEntertainment for her mind, body, and also soulIt"s mind controlYou can uncover me in ~ the gas stationBuyin" hundred gallons of gasHundred gallons of ginTo cloud my mind as soon as I sinClimb the height ropeThree shots come the crownNow he"s deadI"m tho undisputed"Cause i eluded every shellBuckshots sailing record timeMakin" yo" head swellOh wellBitches tryin" to fuck through my mailAnd currently you tossin" salads in the penitentiary cellYou fake MCs view my faceAnd yo" ass obtain paleI wait "til the last secondAnd drive a rusty nailThrough your eight (arm), leg (leg), and also headAnd make you burn in hell