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Ever discover yourself the town hall an NFL game and wondering, "What"s that player"s actual name?" our SN Fantasy staff has done the a lot of the last pair years, and it"s caused a list of all the unforeseen names in the NFL. It provides sense to wonder what A.J. Green and also T.Y. Hilton"s initials was standing for, however then you stumble across the unexpected, like Julio Jones" complete name, and also it"s difficult to forget.

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The list below isn"t intended to be fully inclusive, yet rather collection of few of the more fascinating "Did girlfriend know?" name in the NFL, at least for attack skill place players. (If we had linemen and defensive players, this list could never end. OK, we"ll carry out one -- Ha Ha Clinton-Dix"s genuine name is Ha"Sean Treshon Clinton-Dix.) If new players emerge as worthy the being included to the list, we"ll add them, and also if us make any snarky comments about a name that you, ours reader, re-publishing -- just know it"s all in an excellent fun.

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What"s A.J. Brown brief for?

Arthur Juan Brown

Arthur Juan Brown won his lone continual game versus Juan Thornhill in 2019 despite capturing just one pass, however Thornhill gained him back in the playoffs.

What does A.J. Environment-friendly stand for?

Adriel Jeremiah Green

The best I can find on Green"s complete name is that Bengals Twitter likes making use of it whenever eco-friendly does miscellaneous cool. 

What"s AJ Dillon"s complete name?

Algiers Jameal wilhelm Dillion Jr.

It"s a dead this is therefore high on the list because we could not be able to top it. Also, make note -- Dillon is the first guy on this list that doesn"t use periods after his initials.

What"s C.J. Prosise"s real name?

Calvin Prosise Jr.

Calvin Johnson retired ideal as Prosise to be entering the league, so probably he should"ve reverted back to his given name to carry on the torch? On second though, nah...

What is CeeDee Lamb"s genuine name?

Cederian Lamb

This can be the ideal adaptation ~ above the list since it would"ve been so simple to just be "C.D."

What"s kris Godwin"s actual name?

Rod Christopher Godwin

Godwin is just one of a number of guys top top this list (and others throughout the league) who walk by their middle name. He have to not have actually appreciated the rhyming potential of rod Godwin.

What walk D.J. Moore was standing for?

Denniston Moore Jr.

Moore is one of a variety of juniors top top this list. Denniston would make a great name for a judge.

What"s Dak Prescott"s genuine name?

Rayne Dakota Prescott

"Dak" is a an excellent call here.

What"s Dede Westbrook"s genuine name?

Decrick Westbrook

The Jaguars have two receivers with fun names beginning with "D", which has to count for something.

What"s Deebo Samuel"s actual name?

Tyshun Raequan Samuel

Samuel"s father, Galen, started calling his boy Deebo after seeing the movie Friday, in i beg your pardon a character called Deebo is play by tiny Lister Jr. 

What"s Deshaun Watson"s real name?

Derrick Deshaun Watson

Yet one more player walk by his center name. Derrick Watson sounds an ext like a lineman.

What is DJ Chark brief for?

Darrell Demont Chark Jr.

This is interesting. Chark might go through DD Chark Jr. If the wanted. Regardless, his surname will continue to invite Shark/Chark week puns and make united state wonder why he doesn"t use durations in "DJ."

What"s DK Metcalf"s full very first name?

DeKaylin Zecharius Metcalf

Now the is a name befitting one of the many physically impressive receivers in the NFL. Also, no periods.

What"s attracted Lock"s real an initial name?

Paul Andrew Lock

A really biblical complete name because that Lock wouldn"t be as befitting of one NFL quarterback.

What"s battle each other Johnson"s actual name?

Randy Johnson Jr.

No relation to the long-time ace lefthanded pitcher.

What is Gardner Minshew"s full name?

Gardner Flint Minshew II

His father"s surname isn"t Gardner Flint Minshew - simply Flint - so the "II" is the real mystery here. 

What is Irv blacksmith Jr."s complete name?

Irvin Martin blacksmith Jr.

Pretty standard stuff here, but it is a little bit disappointing we didn"t obtain an "I.J."

What"s Ito Smith"s real name?

Romarius Smith

Football recommendation lists blacksmith as having the nickname the "Judge" due to the fact that he is stated to have looked favor O.J. Simpson judge Lance Ito as a baby. Judge for yourself.

What"s J.D. McKissic"s genuine name? 

Joshua Dobbie McKissic

There was part legitimate secret around this because that a while, yet McKissic states it"s "Joshua Dobbie," so ns guess we have no an option but to think him.

What walk J.J. Arcega-Whiteside was standing for?

Jose Joaquin Arcega-Whiteside

The hyphenated last name provides it hard for Arcega-Whiteside to go by his complete name -- J.J. is a valuable shortener here.

What does J.J. Watt was standing for?

Justin James Watt

J.J. Certainly sounds much more like a happen rusher.

What"s Jack Doyle"s complete name?

John glenn Doyle

The standard move right here of going by Jack when first name is John...plus "John Glenn" was kind of currently taken. 

What"s Jason Witten"s an initial name?

Christopher Jason Witten

Witten has gone by his middle name during a long NFL job -- who knew (or cared) his an initial name to be Christopher?

What"s JK Dobbins" full name?

J"Kaylin Dobbins

No one would mess through J"Kaylin Dobbins, yet JK is no hoax either. 

What"s JuJu Smith-Schuster"s full name?

John Sherman Smith-Schuster

JuJu is method more interesting than John, that"s for sure.

What"s Julio Jones" real name?

Quintorris Lopez Jones

According to sports Illustrated, Jones was provided the nickname Julio by his mom in middle school. That story says Jones gotten in some high-school track meets by his given name, Quintorris, to prevent some the the undesirable attention.

What"s Keke Coutee"s genuine name?

Key"vantanie Coutee

This is a great name. Coutee"s to be going by Keke since at the very least high school.

What is Kenny Stills complete name?

Kenneth Lee Stills Jr.

We could"ve had one more "KJ" here, yet Kenneth come Kenny is a an excellent call, if for no various other reason than to prevent "What"s the Frequency, Kenneth?" puns in our Fantasy Team Names write-up every year.

What walk KJ Hamler stand for?

Kahlee Jacoby Hamler

Solid options all around, yet as is the instance with many players on this list...why no initials in "KJ?"

What"s Mecole Hardman"s genuine name?

Carey Mecole Hardman

Another middle-namer here. 

What walk O.J. Howard stand for?

O"Terrius Jabari Howard


What"s Raheem Mostert"s an initial name?

Dominique Raheem Mostert

Dominique and Raheem room both cool name -- couldn"t go wrong here. Could also rebrand later on in life as D.R. Mostert.

What"s Riley Ridley"s genuine name?

Calvin Riley Ridley

Riley"s brother Calvin is named Calvin Orin Ridley. Both the brothers gain Calvin as their first name, however apparently just one it s okay to go by the name.

What does T.J. Hockenson stand for?

Thomas James Hockenson

Another an extremely biblical name.

What walk T.J. Yeldon stand for?

Timothy Antonio Yeldon Jr.

Another junior!

What does T.J. Watt was standing for?

Trent Jordan Watt

Trent Watt sounds an ext like a sleep tackle.

What"s T.Y. Hilton"s full name?

Eugene Marquis Hilton

Hilton"s father"s surname is Tyrone, so human being would describe Hilton by the an initial two letter of his father"s name. There"s no means Hilton would certainly rank as very in fantasy rankings as he go if he went by Eugene.

What is Tee Higgins complete name?

Tamaurice Higgins

Tee is just easier to say, despite if he merely went by "T.," that could be more intimidating.

What"s Trey Burton"s real name?

Lawrence Burton III

The underrated move here of walking by Trey if you"re "the third."

What is valve Jefferson"s full name?

Vanchii Lashawn Jefferson Jr.

Now this is the perfect method to end the list (and then we added Von Miller"s middle name and ruined it).

What"s Von Miller"s middle name?

Von B"Vsean fearbut Jr.

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We"re gonna require a pronunciation guide for that.