After his catalytic donation to the Trojan War, v his inspiration of the Trojan Horse, a wooden structure which the Greeks provided to infiltrate Troy, and also a sample of our hero"s strategy intelligence, the Trojan War pertains to an end.

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Odysseus starts his journey earlier to his homeland along with his comrades.

Tragically, after countless adventures and also losses, he is the just one who manages to return back to his homeland, Ithaca.

During his long voyage, Odysseus" bravery and intelligence is proven countless times over.But... To be it negative luck the Odysseus" unfortunate wandering lasted ten totality years, or to be there a reason for this?

But... Was Odysseus so unlucky after all, or there to be a factor for this unfortunately wandering the lasted ten totality years?


After the end of the Trojan war, Odysseus, prefer everyone else, began his lengthy journey home, come the island the Ithaca. And also yet, everyone regulated to return to their loved ones except Odysseus who wandered because that ten totality years with seas and countries much away indigenous home, enduring countless hardships until ultimately reaching Ithaca.

Starting from Troy, Odysseus had 12 ships at his handle in i m sorry his comrades fought, and fell. This was of food no accident, seeing as the gods of Olympus were an extremely angry for the burn of their holy places in trojan by the Greeks.

So, they sent their means strong and also wild winds so regarding punish castle for your hubris by making your journey earlier home impossible.


The Cicones

When Odysseus’s pearl were cruising in the Aegean, the gods sent out wild winds to push them north right into the floor of the Cicones.

There, Odysseus and also his males attack and also fight few of the indigenous Cicones, snatching animals and wine, and sitting by the coast to eat and also drink. Yet when Odysseus tells his men that the is time to leave, they refuse, together the food is too an excellent and the wine also sweet.

Shortly, all the Cicones gather and also attack lock together, killing numerous while the others quickly boarded the ships and left in a wild storm. Evidently, the lack of prudence and sobriety had price many good men their very lives…

The lotus eaters

During your journey the strong winds punch north driven the pearl away, in Africa. And so, Odysseus and his men arrived in the land of the Lotus Eaters.

Once ashore Odysseus sent out three the his warrior to view what kind of civilization lived in this country. There, his men met the Lotus Eaters who readily available them persimmons to eat, later on revealed come be fascinating fruit!

Because of this enchantment, the men soon forgot your homeland and also refused to leaving the nation of the Lotus Eaters.

Odysseus went to discover them and took them ago by force, instantly ordering the ships come sail.

According to Homer, it would certainly seem to be quite a tragedy for someone come forget the place from which they came and their destination…

Polyphemus the Cyclops

Odysseus was well-known for gift quick-witted even in the confront of adversity.

After traveling for countless days, the wind moved their ships to the island the the Cyclops (Sicily).

After disembarking they go out and also discovered a mighty cavern close come the beach. Inside, they uncovered milk, cheese, lambs and also goats to eat.

But then Cyclops Polyphemus, child of Poseidon, who had only one eye, returned to his cave and discovered Odysseus and also his men.

He close up door the door the the cavern with a large rock and also ate several of the men, saving the remainder for later.The next day Odysseus offered Polyphemus sweet alcohol (the famed red wine, "Mavroudi" the is cultivated in several components of greek such as in Kea island).

Nobody, is my name, the replied, and Polyphemus reply "You, Nobody, I will certainly eat you last".

Then the Cyclop ongoing to drink until finally he dropped asleep.

Odysseus then grabbed a branch and nailed it into the eye that Polyphemus. The Cyclop jumped increase screaming and shouting because that help.

The various other Cyclops ran to his cave, "What happened, Polyphemus?", castle asked."Nobody blinded me!" answer Polyphemus.

"As nobody has actually blinded you, why space you shouting?" lock wondered, and also quickly left, making no sense of the Cyclop"s words.

The next morning, remote Polyphemus opened up the door that the cave and stood at the exit with his eight outstretched waiting to catch Odysseus and also his men.But Odysseus, ingenious as he was, had actually tied his men under the bellies the the largest rams and also he himself hung indigenous the hair of the largest animal.

The Cyclop was stroking the rams" backs as they come out the the cave, and did not realize that there were civilization underneath.

When everyone was safely out of the cave, castle ran to the ships and went away.

Island the Aeolus

Then they arrived to the island that Aeolus, the God the the winds. Aeolus invited them and hosted castle for around a month.

When it was time for them to leave, the God Aeolus blessed Odysseus" journey with a favorable wind and also handed the a sac where all the unfavorable ones to be confined, therefore he can return instantly to Ithaca.

However, as they to be approaching Ithaca, Odysseus" males opened the bag, causing a storm that destroyed 11 ships and swept away Odysseus come the island of Laestrygones.

Modern-day Greeks usage the expression "opening the sac of Aeolus" to describe adverse cases with uncontrollable after-effects (similar to the expression "opening a have the right to of worms").

Fleeing the Laestrygonians

In the island of Laestrygonians Odysseus and his males were unwelcome.

As ours hero and also his comrades were approaching the harbor, the Laestrygonians, this wild and also tall giants ran up versus them, screaming and also throwing boulders top top the ships.

The rocks broke and also sank the ships and the wild Laestrygonians ate every the males who to be close.Only Odysseus" ship survived. He and also his men quickly left the soil of the wild Laestrygones.

The Sorceress Circe

The Greek hero and also his males were driven to the island the Circe through the wind.

Odysseus then asked several of his guys to go and ask where they were.The guys soon discovered Circe’s luxurious palace. Upon your arrival, the immortal sorceress offered them to feast and drink, unbeknownst to them that her goods would magically turn them right into pigs, punishing them for your greedy appetite.

Only one of them regulated to escape and went earlier to educate Odysseus. Without hesitation, he grabbed his sword and entered Circe"s palace, gift immune to she magic v the aid of god Hermes.

Amazed, Circe quickly became fond of Odysseus who eventually forced she to rotate his comrades earlier to human beings again.

They continued to be in the island the Circe because that a lengthy time. As soon as they determined to leave, Circe recommend Odysseus to walk to underworld and meet prophet Tiresias who would tell him just how to obtain to Ithaca safely.

The journey to the Underworld

Odysseus and his guys arrived to underworld, a ar no one ever dared trespass.

After a when the prophet Tiresias concerned meet Odysseus and also he request the prophet what he needs to do in order come get back home.

Tiresius claimed to him: "Poseidon no you, due to the fact that you blinded Cyclops Polyphemus, his son.

However, take treatment not to disturb the cow of the sun god, when you go to his island, and you will certainly arrive at Ithaca one day".

The island the Sirens

Leaving underworld, Odysseus and also his men were attracted to the island that Sirens.

Τhese zoomorphic creatures would certainly enchant sailors with their sweet song and also when lock approach, they would eat them.

Fortunately, Circe had advised Odysseus come wax his men"s ear so as to drown out the sirens" songs, and the men regulated to escape the Sirens" call.

Scylla and also Charybdis

They climate approached the Strait the Scylla and also Charybdis, the mythological sea monsters that made sailing through the strait almost impossible.

From one next of the narrow waterway, Charybdis would create whirlpools that would certainly sink the ships, when on the various other side, Skylla, curled increase in her cave, would certainly stretch the end her six terrible heads, and eat the sailors.

"Caught between Scylla and Charybdis" as the proverb goes, Odysseus determined to pass by Charybdis, sacrificing some of his men rather of risking sinking his ship, this means choosing the lesser of two evils.

The cattle of Helios

After countless nights at sea, Odysseus and also his staying comrades come to the island of the Sun god.

Remembering prophet Tiresias" advice to stay clear that the oxen of the Sun god, Odysseus begged his men to leave the island. However they were an extremely tired and did no accept.

When lock ran out of food, castle fasted because that a couple of days. One day, however, when Odysseus was asleep, they slaughtered some oxen and also roasted them. Once Odysseus wake up up the was as well late.

Leaving the island that the Sun, Zeus (the father of all gods) sent out them a wild storm. One asteroid hit the ship and also shattered it. Anyone drowned. Just Odysseus escaped.

Holding top top a board, he spent ten totality nights in the sea until lastly being taken to the island of nymph Calypso.


The immortal nymph Calypso took worn-out Odysseus to she cave and took treatment of him but would not let him go --keeping him prisoner for seven entirety years, and dreaming to make him her immortal husband.

Finally, goddess Athena feeling sorry because that him and begged she father, Zeus, to aid him.

Zeus sent out Hermes (the messenger god) to Calypso and also ordered she to let Odysseus go.

Our hero was as soon as again on his way back home.

Back in Ithaca

After ten year of hardship, Odysseus lastly arrives to Ithaca.

Once there, the goddess Athena approached him and informed him the his palace was to fill with many suitors that wished to marry his wife, Penelope. Only she was waiting patiently because that him to return.

Odysseus then entered his palace, seeing every the suitors eating and drinking.Meanwhile, Athena put it in Penelope"s psychic to lug the bow the Odysseus, his arrows and also twelve axes, which had actually a feet at the top.

Penelope ordered because that the axes to be collection in order, and also made one announcement:

“Listen, Suitors! anyone manages to bend the wire of this bow and also throw an arrow, which will pass v the holes of the twelve axes, that will end up being my husband".

Eager, all the suitors, one after the other, began to try, but no one had the ability to stretch the string.Odysseus then asked to it is in tested together well.

He got the bow, bending the string and threw one arrow, i beg your pardon passed prefer lightning v the feet of all the axes.

The moment Penelope realizes the winner is in reality her long-lost husband is certainly one the the best component of the Odyssey.


Odysseus, the King the Ithaca, is well-known for his unequaled wit the helped finish the long Trojan War, and also his bravery that acquired him through all the trials he had actually to face.

Odysseus to be the hero that many writers were motivated by. He to be a version of perseverance, courage and intelligence.

Fairly, the Odyssey is considered the best work of fiction of all time.Odysseus stayed fearless transparent his journey as his love the returning residence to his lovely wife and also son preserved him concentrated on his goal.During the trip, the obstacles he challenged were enormous. That made superhuman efforts and also eventually succeeded.

All world are endowed v the virtue that perseverance, patience and also bravery. The is enough for world to recognize themselves and also to usage their virtues wisely.

In the case of Odysseus, over there were numerous moments once his knees bent indigenous fear and also despair. The courage to continue one"s battle is provided to those who have actually the willpower. Back the cumulative effort is important to achieve what one seeks, their an individual courage and also unwavering will certainly is what will aid them achieve their goals.

Strength and patience space not talents, they room not the salvation of knowledge. The is the supremacy upon our inner people that motivates us to accomplish our goals.

Persistence is regularly a more powerful tool 보다 talent and also no one is born talentless.

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Everyone has a one-of-a-kind gift, yet the fact that just a couple of people succeed in rise the summit that success proves the importance of not giving up.