Destiny"s Halloween event, Festival that the Lost, is live and also there are many items come collect. Uncover out how to get every one of it prior to this live occasion ends.

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Destiny"s Halloween event, Festival the the Lost, is live and there are numerous items to collect. Find out exactly how to get all of it before this live event ends.

Festival of the Lost released at Destiny"s weekly reset, offering a Halloween makeover to the game"s society spaces and also adding new items because that players come collect. There space a plethora of masks, emotes, and other items to scoop up prior to Festival that the shed ends on November 8th.

for those completionists, collecting everything Festival of the Lost needs to offer can be a long—and expensive—road. Here"s exactly how to get every one of Destiny"s Halloween goodies:

Visit Eververse

The bottom line because that Festival the the shed is microtransactions. Treasures of the Lost, which contain the bulk of the masks, Ghost shells, and also consumables the players will want room only available for purchase with yes, really money with Destiny"s microtransaction system.

of special note is the Firewolf Mask, which is the exclude, mask because that this year"s Festival the the Lost, in the same method the flaming blue skull mask was last year. Since the wolf mask is really rare, fans will certainly have to sink a an excellent amount of cash if they desire to collection everything. RNG is still a element here, so there"s no guarantee how countless Treasures it will certainly take to get all or a few of a player"s favourite items. It"s all approximately luck and also chance. But what about those who don"t want to spend any real people money? There"s one option...

watch Eva Levante

Eva Levante, that collects the full satchels of candy and also gives one of the quests available in Festival of the lost is the only resource for players not wanting to buy treasures of the lost from Eververse.

First, by perfect the search Eva gives, players will certainly earn new masks at each step. However, fans who were approximately for the first Festival the the lost probably currently have every the masks available.

Her quest will send players on a journey that contains killing adversaries in PvE, beating other Guardians in the Crucible, to run a Heroic Strike, and completing a ring of Court the Oryx. In ~ the end, players will certainly be given one sweetheart of the Lost. Opening it has actually a chance to offer one that the brand-new items. This quest have the right to be perfect on each character, so football player who have three Guardians will have the ability to earn three free Treasures that the Lost throughout this event.

Eva likewise sells masks in she inventory, and also the masks will certainly supposedly revolve every day. But because Festival the the Lost has actually only been the end for one day, there"s no method to recognize if she will carry any of the brand-new masks or just old ones.

One more free mask

Don"t forget to visit Tyra Karn atop Felwinter Peak. Her Festival of the lost quest will grant one the the only brand-new masks that space free, a mr Saladin mask. It"s required for the quest however fans will unlock that by default.

Extra tip: Don"t chase the ornaments too much

2 of the possible items in prizes of the shed are ornaments for the exotic pulse rifle, bad Juju. However, players shouldn"t garbage too lot Silver chasing under these ornaments as they will be added to the constant Radiant Treasure booty table as soon as Festival of the lost is over. That means fans can earn them later on in Radiant Treasure and potentially indigenous Xur.

Destiny: rise of Iron is obtainable now ~ above PS4 and Xbox One.

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