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Throughout history, some publications have adjusted the world. They have actually transformed the way we watch ourselves - and each other. They have inspired debate, dissent, war and also revolution. They have enlightened, outraged, provoked and also comforted. They have actually enriched lives - and destroyed them. Now Penguin bring you the works of the an excellent thinkers, pioneers, radicals and also visionaries whose concepts shook civilization and also helped make united state who we are. A profound influence on medieval Europe's watch of the wider world, this thirteenth-century account of a Venetian merchant's impressive experiences in the court of the good Mongol leader, Kubilai Khan, remains among the most fascinating tales of exploration ever before written.

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it s okay as a short insight in the life and travels the Marco Polo. Will gain other similar,but an ext comprehensive editions of his travel
A great little book, through enough information to keep many of us happy. This series of Penguin publications is simply what is essential these days. Us all have to read great books, however they needn\"t be weighty tomes.
This book is a an extremely long list. As soon as you hear the surname Marco Polo and also see the title of the book, you might be expecting a diary of his life in the court that Kubilai Khan, i m sorry must have actually been exceptionally interesting. Well, sucks to be you if you\"ve bought this book, since it isn\"t a diary but a very, really long list of points that deserve to be found in the an excellent Khan\"s empire. One example: \"I can likewise assure you because that a fact that on this day the great Khan receives gifts of more than 10,000 horses, of an excellent beauty and price. And also on this day additionally there is a procession of his elephants, totally 5,000 in number...\" etc. Etc. Because that the totality book. Over there is no speech, no account the Marco himself and very few stories of any kind. It\"s prefer listening to someone explain where they\"ve been on vacation by informing you the number of hotels and also how numerous brown dogs they saw.That said, this Penguin version is beautifully designed, for this reason it\"s a nice object. And there is historical interest here, in parts, simply by virtue the its having actually been written, however Marco Polo is not a great or interesting writer, if that\"s what you\"re hope for.My advice - to buy this beautiful book, don\"t check out it, watch the Netflix series instead.