Match the contour line illustration in the PHOTO pillar with the corresponding contour line image in the TOPO column.See the bottom of the web page for answer to contour map quiz.

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Hint #1: The arrowhead in the TOPO images point downhill.

Hint #2: Don"t get frustrated through the answers. A couple are very similar.






Answers will certainly be shown here.

The contour map below uses a 1:4,800 scale. Notification the shaded relief to improve the map. Making use of what you"ve learned about contour lines and also topographic maps, figure out which photo goes with the map.



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What perform you get when you overcome a cowboy and also a mapmaker?A cow-tographer!

ABCDEFGHIJKLM3 - gradual, constant slope5 (or 8) - draw or valley with stream13 (or 4) - cliff face12 - hill through ridge9 - spur on a mountainside10 - a depression4 (or 13)7 - Steeper steep high, steady low1 - continual slope2 - progressive slope high, steeper low11 - a saddle in between two hills8 (or 5)6 - an easy round hill

The edge lines are an extremely close together, indicating very steep slope the rises indigenous 4500 feet come 5100 feet - that is around 2 football fields standing on end.A perfect bulls-eye form is created, indicating a one mountain.The open center circle within the 5100 contour line indicates that the optimal of the mountain is a flat plateau.This topgraphic map is the Devil"s Tower i m sorry is the picture in the lower left.

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Thank you for posting this. Ns don"t have actually enough computers for my students to access your site, but I"d favor to usage your occupational on topo/contour maps unit and also properly credit transaction you.
Oct 30, 2017 - Trevor Williams
How are you supposed to draw a line?
Oct 30, 2017 - Compass Dude
Trevor - The instructions say come "match" photos from each tower - there room other means to enhance without illustration a line. But, if you really desire to, go ahead and also use a magic marker on her computer/tablet/phone/... Display to attract a line. Or, print the page and draw lines.