They prosper up so rapid — but a traditional crib isn"t about to start growing with them. As soon as your son gets too huge for their first sleeping space, relocating straight come a twin mattress can seem favor a big jump. Luckily, thebest toddler bedscanhelp leg the gap in between tot and preteen therefore the transition into a "big kid bed" is a small easier.

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Thegreat toddler bed debateis a usual one among modern-day parents, yet it transforms out that usinga toddler bed comes through its fair share that benefits. First, they"resmaller 보다 twin beds, which way two things: You"ll likely be able to use the same mattress that you provided for their crib, and your boy will have an ext room for toys and other furniture. (For those do the efforts to make the many out the a tiny space, the traditional 27 by 52-inch dimensions do a huge difference.)

Another advantage of toddler bed is the safety factor. Due to the fact that they"re do for small children, companies often ensure they"re free from the toxic chemicalsoften used in the production of furniture. This consists of formaldehyde, phthalates, and lead, none of which room things you"d desire your kid sleeping next to. Toddler beds are safer in their physical designs, too. Many of lock utilize reduced mattress bases, rounded edges, and partial railings to ensure the your toddler can obtain in and out by us without acquiring hurt. On a mental level, asemi-enclosed bed could help themfeel saferand establish their very own space, virtually likeasecret hide-outin their bedroom.

Now the your baby has actually startedscaling the political parties of your crib, it"s more than likely time for the following step. Whether you have a boy or a girl, this top-rated toddler bed can assist you produce abeautiful kid"s room that"llmake the farming pains a little an ext tolerable— for both of you.

The Best all at once Pick:Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed


There are tons of aspects people look because that in a bed, including safety, quality, and awell-thought-out architecture — and also thoserequirements space only magnified when shopping because that a bed for her children. TheOeuf Perch toddler bed is the best in its entirety pick due to the fact that it"s every those things and more. Yes, it"s safe and also well-made, yet it"s also stylish and also affordable.

This bed utilizes just the most safe materials, both in terms of durability andnon-toxicity. The structure is do from baltic birch plywood,which is not only an especially sturdy, yet sustainably produced. Every paints and also finishes are made without toxic ingredients,andthe bed in its totality isGREENGUARD yellow certified(one of the world"s mostrigorous tests that ensure low chemical emissions).

Its mid-century architecture is both practical and also stylish, as its partial guardrail, headboard, and also footboard permit your toddler freedom and support simultaneously. It additionally fits a conventional crib mattress (so you have the right to transfer the old one or uncover a brand-new one there is no hassle), andthe light, glowing wood finish fits just around any aesthetic. It even transforms right into a kid"s sofa later on.

Oeuf Perch Toddler Bed, $470,Oeuf.



Ikea is well-known for the ingenuity and sleek, simple pieces, every while keeping value and also sustainability in mind. The Sundvik convertible crib is no exception. Thanks to that timeless look andadjustable design, it"lladapt as yournewborn transitions into a toddler and then into a child.

While many convertible cribssell your add-on kits individually (and because that a lot much more money), this one comes with everything you need right native the start — and all for $139. It has a well-ventilated base the adjusts to two different heights, spindle legs, a rustic headboard and footboard, and also solid beechwood railing political parties — among which can be removedfor an easy change into a toddler bed.

Needless come say, reviewers are thrilled.According to past buyers, ittakes only 30 minute to assemble in the entirety however has lasted transparent multiple children: "My son used it for 2.5 years till he recently graduated come a pair bed (also from Ikea), and we plan touse it for our 2nd baby come August! It"s really sturdy and also I love the clean, modern look." yet buyers aren"t the just ones who have taken an alert — customer Reports is likewise in support of the clever design, and also have given it an as whole score that 83.Its level of safety and security is considered an extremely good, whileits lull of assembly and construction are excellent.

The white offers a classic, basic touch to any kind of nursery or bedroom, but this style is also easily accessible inespresso brownfor a sleeker, more contemporary look.

Ikea Sundvik Convertible Crib, $139,Ikea.



Let"s be honest — your child will most likely only usage their toddler bed for a few years (if that), therefore it"s not surprising that some human being don"t desire to spend a ton of money on one. In the case, there"s the Blair bed indigenous Suite Bebe. This option expenses well under $100 and accommodates most standard crib mattresses, therefore the change is easy and also affordable.

Despite thereasonable price tag, this one doesn"t reduced corners in state of quality or construction. It"s made from solid timber (rather than bit board), and also it consists of the base, the safety rails, and all the important tools for assembly. Due to the fact that it"s simply 24 inches turn off the ground, your toddler can obtain in and also out on their own, but they won"t accidentally roll off due to the arm rails on both sides.

Finally, there"s some seriously positivebuyer feedback to support this one. It at this time has a 4.7 rating and a couple of dozen reviews. One reviewer wrote: "Simple design, looks great, perfect elevation for a climbing tiny two-year old." while the navy blue is undeniably chic, it additionally comes in black, espresso, white, and also natural wood.

Suite Bebe Blair Toddler Bed, $98,Wayfair.

Founded in 2002,Oeuf was among the very first companies to carry a chic,contemporary touch to nursery furniture. This firm utilizes green materials, fair-trade practices, and recyclable packaging come ensure you"re getting a thoughtfulexperience indigenous the second itsbox mirrors up at her door. The Oeuf classic toddler bed is carefullycrafted come "represent a milestone in her child"s development," and also it has actually all the vital features it requirements to do just that.

The short height method that her child deserve to effortlessly crawl right into bed on their own, exercising theirnewfound liberty — yet the rail openings are tiny and precisely placed to store them safe must they role over in bed. ("Our boy sleeps favor the Tasmanian Devil," one reviewer says, and also the rails "not just kept that in the bed, but it provided us peace of mind.") This pick also features individually flexible legs because that uneven floors and also a sturdy base that fits a typical crib mattress. Finally, the frame is make from eco-friendly birch, the finishes space non-toxic and water-based, and the construction meetsEuropean eco-friendly standards.

In terms of style,this toddler bedhas the ideal of both worlds: a chic, helpful look the adults will love through variouseye-catching aspects for your child, so it"s anything however boring. It"s easily accessible in two colors —the herbal woodbase has a light and also airy feel while the darker walnut gives it a more traditional appearance —but due to the fact that both have actually white railings, it will match any type of bedroom decor.

OeufClassic Toddler Bed, $690, Oeuf.

The Stokke Sleepi is not your averagebed — no issue what type it"s in. This genius designevolves along with your son from period zero to age three, and canserve themuntilthey"re 10 years old v the small conversion kit. Once yourbaby is an initial born, the bed"s 2 side piece come together to create a tiny bassinet. Include in the middle piece, and also you have a crib, and also remove among the side rails to provide them an easily accessible toddler bed. The adjustable mattress basic moves up and down tofit the ideal elevation for both you and your child, and the swivel wheels make it simple to rearrange the room when it"s time come redecorate— but don"t worry; castle lock for safety, so that won"t go rolling away.

Due come its curvedoval shape and uncomplicated design, this toddler bed is best for apartment life or tiny bedrooms. That fits v doorways, up stairwells, and also in elevators. "I live in the city in a small apartment and also this crib fits everywhere," one reviewer raves. "Even in mine walk-in closet! The greatest thing around it is that it"s ~ above wheels. I have the right to move it approximately the house, a pat pen." since this one is do from sturdy beechwood, it"s both sturdy and stylish. Girlfriend can gain the Sleepi in a couple of unique colors, prefer hazy gray and mint green, or you have the right to go classic with white or organic wood.

Stokke Sleepi Bed, $709,Amazon.

When it concerns styles the are earlier and in complete swing, mid-century modern-day is at the top of the list. Categorized by the sleek present and straightforward functionality, these pieces can be uncovered all throughout furniture retailers and also home decor publications. Needless come say, it"s a an excellent style choice for the modern-day nursery.

This pick fromThe Totisa crib turnedtoddler bed, and afterwards down the line, it can likewise be turned right into a child"s bed (with a headboard)andafull-sized bed with the extr conversion kit. Basically, it"s a stylish furniture selection that"ll follow your child from tot to teen — and also since the toddler conversion kit is included, it"s way more cost-efficient than upgrading to brand-new furniture through every brand-new life-stage.

While the tilted legs and also sleek, directly angles are absolutely worth mentioning, the actual star that the present is the mindful construction. Each item is Greenguard-gold certified, which means that they"re screened for much more than 10,000 usual chemicals and also meet all emissions standards.

Babyletto Sprout Convertible Crib,$379,The Tot.

Maybe you"renotlooking to convert your toddler bed right into ateen bed — but that doesn"t necessarily typical it demands to end up in the garbage. This best-selling alternative is referred to as the Dream ~ above Me Emma toddler bed, and also when completely assembled, it creates a sleigh-style, railed toddler bed through a break in the center for entry. That said, when they"ve grown out of it, theconversion kit transforms the frame into 2 chairs and also a table, i m sorry look great in any type of bedroom or play area.

Each bed is constructed from brand-new Zealand pine tree wood, and it"s tested because that lead and other toxic additives come ensure her child"s safety. You"ll likewise be hard-pressed to discover a shade option that"snotoffered. This pick comes in six various shades, from classics like white and also espresso to eye-catching colors likelavender and also fuscia pink.

Last yet not least, this is just one of the safest options for younger toddlers due to the small guard-rail openings."If you"re transitioning native a crib come a toddler bed, i recommend picking this bed," one buyer wrote. "We chose this one over all the others because of the next rails on every sides. Over there is just enough opening because that him to get out as soon as he wants to and also not autumn out once he"s sleeping."

Dream ~ above Me Emma 3-In-1 Convertible Toddler Bed, $141, Amazon.

Frilly bed skirts and busy mobiles aren"t because that everyone. This pick is for the adult who appreciateselegant simplicity and also for the boy who loves their independence. Karla Dubois marries minimalism and also reliability withits Bodhi toddler bed. Rather than keeping your boy cooped up behind railings, it utilizes curved(but unobtrusive)arms to create a bed, a couch, a analysis nook, a pat area — anything her child requirements it come beinthe moment.

Unlike every other bed ~ above this list, this one is upholstered in a plush, velvet cloth that soft both the watch of the room and also any accidental head-bumps. Still, its contemporary lines and also wooden legs room sleek and simple. No wonder it has actually over 850 reviews and also a 4.7-star rating on Wayfair.

Get that insix different colors: Pebble, Almond, cotton Candy Pink, Lavender Mist, Black, and Dusk Blue.

Karla Dubois Bodhi Toddler Bed, $250,Wayfair

Reviewers space buying this bed through theknowledge that it"ll last their childrenwell right into their teenage years, and thanks to its clever features, stylish appearance, and sturdy construction, it"s definitely worth the investment. In fact, it has virtually 1,000 reviews and an all at once rating the 4.8 stars —yes, out of five.

So just how does this bed work? it starts off as a crib through a integrated changer (complete with storage and a waterproof an altering pad). As soon as the time comes, it have the right to then be changed into a toddler bed, and also then a daybed, and also then a full-sized bed. (Note that both the toddler rail and the complete bed rail are offered separately.) everything is make from solid wood and is obtainable in three different colors.

Usually,I"m wary of counter kits due to the fact that they call for multiple purchases, and also those begin to include up genuine quick. However, offered thatthe complete bed railis under $200and the toddler rail is also less, it"s a versatile item of furniture that"ll critical you an ext than a te — and all for under $1,000.

Sorelle Berkley 4-in-1 Convertible Crib and Changer, $331,Wayfair.

If you"re going for the mystery hideoutvibe, you can"t go wrong v this brand newTiny house Toddler Bed indigenous Crate & Kids. That uses any type of standard crib mattress because that a comfortable, familiar sleep, and also the railings save your child safely in the bed native four different angles. It"s likewise low come the ground for this reason they can gain in and also out.

That said, because of the slanted "roof" and also raised "wall," this option also functions together a reading nook, a beat fort, and also their own personal house insideyour house. The skylight and also center plank give them a little bit of privacy therefore they have actually a an are that feels prefer their own, however the style is otherwise open so friend can examine on them in ~ a glance. It even has adorable little numbers and a mailbox slot.

In terms of aesthetic, it"s made withtwo-tone painted wood and poplar for a lookthat blends with any existing furniture and color-schemes. The materials meetlow emissions standards, too.

Crate & Kids Tiny residence Toddler Bed, $899,Crate & Kids.

Sometimes rails feel a little too restrictive for an older toddler. If you"re considering other halfway in between a toddler bed and a typical twin, theDomo canopy bed indigenous Nico & Yeye is a great compromise. Itdoesuse a twin-size mattress, for this reason they"ll have actually extra room to prosper for rather a when — yet the well-crafted canopy is draft as much for security as the is forappearance.

First the all, the basic doesn"t require a boxspring and sits very close to the ground, so kids can obtain in and out on their own and aren"t in severe danger should they roll off throughout the night. Second, the fort-like canopy is custom-made making use of kiln-dried walnut wood, i m sorry is sustainably harvest from residential sources and carefully shaped to avoid any kind of sharp edges. It"s climate finished through a Greenguard-gold certified lacquer because that a rich, herbal finish.

Nico & Yeye Domo Canopy Bed, $1,725, Wayfair.

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We hope you uncovered a bed the both you and also your toddler will certainly love! So girlfriend know, might collect a share of sales native the web links on this page.