against my window glass Is slowly, is slowly drivin" me insane, boy I"m goin" under I"m goin" down cause you ain"t about baby My entirety world"s upside under Sleep don"t come basic Boy please believe me

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because you been gone Everything"s goin" dorn Why"d you have to say goodbye watch what you"ve excellent to me i can"t prevent these tears from fallin" from my eyes Ooh baby Oooh baby love
goin" down, goin" down Mmm ooh I"m goin" down Ooh I, I... Ooh, goin" down Goin" down Oh, ns don"t recognize what to execute If I ever lose friend I"ll it is in goin" down I claimed I"ll be goin" under Oh, you re welcome forgive me baby
I"m so sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry What did I do wrong? i said, what did I carry out wrong? please forgive me baby and come on residence Goin" down, goin" down, goin" down


The saddest part is I"ve actually felt this means for the very first time about a man. I will safeguard my love at all expense to protect against this indigenous happening ever.

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I wanna see her do " mans