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Ty, Ti, Tib, Tibe, Tiber

Meanings and background of the surname Tiberius

Tiberius is a Latin young name. The an interpretation of the name is `Of the Tiber, a River the Runs through Rome`.

Tiberinus Silvius, to be the ninth king of Alba Longa. Tiberinus to be drowned while cross the river then known as the Albula, yet which was ever after known to the Latins together the Tiber. The city that Rome was later founded on a group of 7 hills overlooking that is banks. ~ his death, Tiberinus to be revered as the roman inn god of the river.

Famous real-life world named Tiberius

Tiberius Velianas reigned over the Caerites. Mentioned in the Pyrgi tablet computers 500BCTiberius Claudius Nero, consul that the roman Republic in 202BCTiberius Gracchus the Elder, roman inn general and also politician that the 2nd century BC, died 154BCTiberius Gracchus, kid of Tiberius Gracchus significant and significant politician, died 133BCTiberius Caesar Augustus, good Roman basic & second Roman Emperor: 14AD come 37ADTiberius Gemellus, son of Drusus Julius Caesar and Livilla, nephew of the Emperor Tiberius, passed away 37ADSt.

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Tiberius, Christian Martyr and also Saint, died 303ADTiberius II Constantine, oriental emperor: 574AD–582ADTiberius (son the Constans II), byzantine co-emperor: 659AD–681ADTiberius III, byzantine emperor: 698AD–706ADTiberius (son of Justinian II), oriental co-emperor: 706AD–711ADBasil Onomagoulos - regnal surname Tiberius, byzantine rebel and also usurper in Sicily 717ADTiberius Hemsterhuis, netherlands philologist and critic, died 1766AD

Tiberius in song, story & screen

In the Bible: Luke 3:1 (In the fifteenth year that Tiberius Caesar"s reign...)Tiberius Bede, is one 8th-century illuminated manuscript the Bede"s Historia ecclesiastica gentis AnglorumTiberias, an ancient city in Israel named for Tiberius, the 2nd Roman EmperorCaptian James Tiberius Kirk (Star Trek universe)Emperor Tiberius, the equivalent of James T. Kirk indigenous the Mirror cosmos (Star Trek)Lucius Tiberius, fictional roman inn Emperor indigenous the Arthurian (King Arthur) LegendTiberius McLaggen, uncle that Cormac (Harry Potter universe)Tiberius Ogden, a previous member the the Wizengamot (Harry Potter universe)Tiberius Nero Blackthorn is one of the Blackthorn brothers in Cassandra Clare"s Dark Artifices Series.Tiberius Jefferson "T.J." Hicks, personality in the movie "Deuce Bigalow: masculine Gigolo" & the sequel "European Gigolo" play byEddie Griffin