While trekking with the realms in God of War, you’ll come across treasure map scrolls that contain clues for whereby to uncover hidden treasure. One such treasure map is dubbed Kneel prior to Thor. If you’re having actually trouble figuring out wherein to discover the treasure significant on this map, watch no further. In this guide, we’ll explain where to uncover the Kneel prior to Thor treasure map role in God that War and where to uncover its hidden treasure.

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Kneel prior to Thor treasure Map Location

Before you deserve to go looking for the Kneel before Thor treasure, you’ll have to discover the endowment map chin first. To uncover the Kneel prior to Thor treasure map in God that War, you need to travel come the Landsuther Mines top top the southwest side of the Lake that Nine.


Once you reach the Landsuther Mines, make your method down come the reduced level the the mine by climbing down ladders and also scaffolding to reach the bottom. Once you reach the area through the water, take the elevator on the left and also ride it come the top.

You will finish up in a tiny room nearby to whereby you an initial entered the mines. Before lifting the door come leave, look at on the ground adjacent to uncover the Kneel before Thor sweetheart map in God the War.

Kneel prior to Thor sweetheart Map Solution

The Kneel prior to Thor treasure scroll reads: “I’ve live to serve the god of thunder and I bury my best treasure right where all inhabitants of Midgard have to dwell: in ~ the feet of the God of gods.” In the clue image on the endowment map, friend can likewise barely make the end what shows up to be a cabinet on the left side of the image. This is one of the Jotnar Shrines, i m sorry is a big clue for finding this treasure.

This is among the simpler treasure maps come decipher, as the sweetheart map is rather blatant in its description of wherein to look. The Kneel prior to Thor treasure deserve to be found at the foot the the large Thor statue situated near Muspelheim Tower top top the southern side that the Lake the Nine.

If girlfriend are beginning from the top of Muspelheim Tower, merely go through the doors, climb down, and jump across the space to the left. If you space coming from the Lookout Tower side, friend will have to ride a zipline down to with the open area next to the Thor statue.

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Ahead, girlfriend will find theThrym Jotnar Shrinecabinet before the cliff. Look because that the Kneel before Thor treasure on the ground just to the appropriate of the Jotnar Shrine.Finding the Kneel prior to Thor sweetheart in God of battle rewards you with Legendary turbulent Ore, a legendary Enchantment, part Hardened Svartalfheim Steel, and also a decent chunk that Hacksilver. Come find an ext treasure in God the War, head over to our God of battle Walkthrough and also Guide.