The very first single native Thompson Square"s sophomore album is a fast-paced ballad that was penned through Keifer and Shawna Thompson in addition to Jason Sellers and Paul Jenkins. ""If i Didn"t have You" is a story around two civilization who count on each other to acquire through the challenging thing we call life," defined Keifer. "We all have someone who we have the right to go to for encouragement and this is ours story."
Though it"s a personal track, Keifer said the tune takes top top new definition to every listener. "It might be about your parents, your friends, around God," the explained. "There"s not anybody in the civilization that doesn"t have at least something in their life that effects them so lot that wherein if it was gone morning it"d be an extremely difficult."
This was Thompson Square"s first country chart-topper. "Writing your very first #1 is an exceptional goal to reach," claimed Shawna. "Writing your first #1 song inspired by the loss of your Dad and also having it go #1 top top his date of birth is a gift straight from heaven. We want to thank all of our fans and also country radio because that making this possible."

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Zack native Noblesville, InThis is an exceptional song it brings me ago to when I to be an alcoholic gambling smoker and also the girl whom is now my ex was through me through all of it. I came to rely on she support and her pride in me to gain through the day and that dilemma. I love her and miss her an ext with each passing day. Bribi Bear, ns love friend sweetheart and also I miss you. Shawna"s vocals really put it in come perspective. Keifer"s vocals added a needed sense of proud in love that special person and also standing by castle no issue what happens.see more comments

Sia planned to quit she solo career after her 2014 album 1000 creates of Fear, yet the "Chandelier" video proved so well-known it drew her back in.

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