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- Them firearms don"t scare me. "Cause without them firearms you ain"t nothin" yet a thin lunger.

- Ed, what an ugly point to say. Ns abhor ugliness.

- go this typical we"re not friends any kind of more?

- girlfriend know, Ed, if I assumed you weren"t my friend, I simply don"t think I can bear it.


- There. Now we can be friends again.

- Touch that gun, I"ll burn girlfriend down.

- ns calculate that"s the finish of this town.

- I had actually a boy at the hotel pack us up.

- The equine is outside.

- therefore that"s why you"re no wearin" a bustle.


A man like Ringo gained a good empty hole best through the middle of him. He deserve to never kill enough or steal enough or inflict sufficient pain to ever before fill it.


Download or hear to voice quotes and sound clips sampled from the movie Tombstone (1993). Every waveform samples space in wav and also mp3 format.

Actors: kurt Russell (Wyatt Earp), Val Kilmer (Doc Holliday), Michael Biehn (Johnny Ringo)

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