Now we have lot of troubles with file who to be working an extremely fine v old computer and also old office release.

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Now we usage powerfull computer system (I7 computer 16 Go memory SSD drive) yet old office file are much less efficicent and we have actually this message:

There isn"t enough memory to finish this action.Try using less data or closing other applications.To rise memory availability, consider:- making use of a 64-bit variation of Excel.- adding memory to her device.

I think Excel 2016 workdifferentlythan prior to i"s very strange.

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Sometimes withpowerfulcomputer if us open more 4 excels documents (Fileswithcomplexesmacros yet not very big file) the menudisappeared

Is somebody encounter this problem

On the internet i have find that it will certainly be good to use Excel 2016 64bits yet i"mafraidthat i will shed some functions.

Thanks in advance

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