This is a guide to the Shrine Quest, The 2 Rings, in Legend that Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Below you can uncover the search walkthrough, whereby to begin The two Rings and also all search rewards.

How to begin The two Rings

The two Rings Location

quest Giver ar
West Hyrule Plains

The two Rings Walkthrough

Guide Overview

Look for Kass
Search for the 2 Rings
Shoot one arrow
Look for Kass
Find Kass ~ above the West Hyrule Plains close to Jeddo Bridge. He will sing friend a song about an old shrine, and also that is the begin of the quest.

Search because that the two Rings


Searh because that the two Rings
Look because that the 2 rings in the westernmost component of the area. Prepare to fight, as enemies like Yiga Blademaster might appear nearby. (Check the photo for the precise location that the rings.)

Shoot one arrow


Shoot one arrow
Shoot an arrowhead through the rings to finish the quest. Keep in mind that the arrow must pass with both the the rings and also not hit any of them!

The 2 Rings search Rewards

Completing the quest unlocks Sheem Dagoze Shrine.

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Adventure log in Entries

This is a complete list that the Adventure log in entries because that The two Rings.

entry Entry text
Quest Clear "When a solitary arrow threads 2 rings, the shrine will certainly rise choose birds on wings."An old shrine showed up when friend loosed a solitary arrow with two ring-shaped rocks.

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