Key parts of your spine incorporate vertebrae (bones), disks, nerves and also the spinal cord. The spine supports your body and also helps you walk, twist and also move. The disks the cushion vertebrae may compress with age or injury, resulting in a herniated disk. Exercises deserve to strengthen the main point muscles that assistance the spine and prevent back injuries and ago pain.

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The spine has three common curves: cervical, thoracic and lumbar. There are 7 cervical vertebrae in the neck, 12 thoracic vertebrae in the torso and five lumbar vertebrae in the reduced back.

What is the spine?

Your spine, or backbone, is her body's central support structure. It connects various parts of your musculoskeletal system. Her spine help you sit, stand, walk, twist and also bend. Ago injuries, spinal cord conditions and other troubles can damages the spine and cause back pain.

What room the parts of the spine?

A healthy and balanced spine has actually three natural curves the make an S-shape. This curves absorb shocks to her body and protect her spine from injury. Many different parts comprise your spine:

Vertebrae: The spine has 33 stack vertebrae (small bones) that kind the spinal canal. The spinal canal is a tunnel that homes the spinal cord and nerves, protecting them native injury. Many vertebrae relocate to permit for a selection of motion. The lowest vertebrae (sacrum and also coccyx) room fused together and also don’t move.Spinal cord and also nerves: The spinal cord is a column of nerves the travels through the spinal canal. The cord extends indigenous the skull to the lower back. Thirty-one bag of nerves branch out with vertebral openings (the neural foramen). These nerves carry messages in between the brain and muscles. Soft tissues: Ligaments connect the vertebrae to hold the spine in position. Muscles support the earlier and assist you move. Tendons attach muscles come bone and help movement.

What room the spine segments?

The 33 vertebrae consist of five distinctive spine segments. Starting at the neck and also going down toward your buttocks (rear end), these segments include:

Cervical (neck): The top component of the spine has actually seven vertebrae (C1 to C7). These neck vertebrae permit you to turn, tilt and also nod your head. The cervical spine renders an inward C-shape called a lordotic curve.Thoracic (middle back): The chest or thoracic component of the spine has actually 12 vertebrae (T1 come T12). Her ribs connect to the thoracic spine. This ar of the spine bends the end slightly to do a behind C-shape dubbed the kyphotic curve.Lumbar (lower back): five vertebrae (L1 to L5) make up the lower part of the spine. Your lumbar spine supports the upper components of the spine. The connects come the pelvis and bears many of your body’s weight, and also the stress of lifting and also carrying items. Many earlier problems occur in the lumbar spine. The lumbar spine bends inward to develop a C-shaped lordotic curve.Sacrum: This triangle-shaped bone connects come the hips. The 5 sacral vertebrae (S1 come S5) fuse together a baby establishes in the womb, which method they nothing move. The sacrum and hip bones form a ring dubbed the pelvic girdle. Coccyx (tailbone): 4 fused vertebrae make up this small piece that bone found at the bottom the the spine. Pelvic floor muscles and ligaments attach to the coccyx.

What conditions and disorders influence the spine?

Up to 80% of american experience back pain at part point. Vertebrae and also disks have the right to wear down with age, leading to pain. Other problems that influence spine health and wellness include:

How deserve to I save spine healthy?

Strong earlier muscles can protect your spine and also prevent earlier problems. Try to carry out back-strengthening and also stretching practice at least twice a week. Exercises prefer planks combine the core (abdominal, next and ago muscles) to provide your spine an ext support. Other protective steps include:

Bend your knees and also keep your earlier straight once lifting items.Lose weight, if required (excess weight strains her back).Maintain good posture.

When should I contact the doctor?

You should contact your medical care provider if friend experience:

Leg weak or pain the moves from your ago down her legs.

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A keep in mind from Cleveland Clinic

Your spine is a facility structure of small bones (vertebrae), cushioning disks, nerves, joints, ligaments and also muscles. This component of your is prone to injury, arthritis, herniated disks, pinched nerves and other problems. Earlier pain can influence your capability to gain life. Your healthcare provider can aid ease earlier pain and also offer proposal to combine the muscle that support your ago and prevent ago injuries.