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I’ve agedI’ve age so really muchI autumn asleep in ~ the tableMy napkin drops come the floorI’m complete of childish vanitiesI forget thingsAnd ns live in the pastI’ve aged so very muchPeople reap me thoughI come in because that tea in my old-fashioned coat and also powdered wigAnd ns tell storiesAnd utter scathing critiquesThis stern, shrewd old manA relic the the past centuryWith his gentle daughterSuch a majestic and also agreeable spectacleBut as well as the pair of hours throughout which we have actually guestsThere are additionally twenty-two hours in the dayDuring i beg your pardon the private and also intimate life the the residence continuesBring mine me slippers
Yes father, yes fatherBring me mine wineYes father, yes fatherIf you’re not as well busyFiddling with your incense and icons?No father, no fatherAnd I have actually no friendsNo, never ever go anywhereNever invitedFor that would take treatment of himI deserve to hurt youI have the right to hurt you
But i never ever before ever ever wouldNo fatherI love you fatherAnd time moves onAnd my fate slips pastAnd nothing ever before happens come meAnd Countess Natalya Rostova is coming for teaI recognize they’ll choose meEveryone has constantly liked meNatasha is youngAnd worthless and also dumbAnd time move onAnd my fate slips pastIs this all I’ll make of mine life?Will I never be happy?Will I never ever be anyone’s wife?Ah, those this? A young suitor?Ah, come in, come inBut don’t sit down, don’t sit downI’m cold to youYes I’m typical to you

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Now be gone, be gone be gone!And don’t come back!Oh, perhaps I’ll marry someone myselfSome cheap French thingOh the offends girlfriend does it?Ah, come in my dearCome in my dear, come inAnd that draws she to himAnd the kisses her handEmbraces she affectionatelyAnd i flush and also run out of the roomCome back hereLet an old man have actually his funBut she’s simply using girlfriend papaWants her money papa!To take advantage of her weakness favor thatIt’s disgustingMy voice breaksIt’s my money and also I’ll throw it wherein I wantNot in ~ you!And no at Andrey’s harlot!Insolent girl!Insolent girl!Where—Where—Where room my glasses?Where space they?Where room my glasses?Oh God—Oh God i’m frightenedOh God i’ve aged so really muchWhere room my glasses?Where are my glasses?They space there top top his headThe pride of sacrificeGathers in my soulAnd that forgets thingsHe drops asleep in ~ the tableHis napkin drops to the floorHis shower headSinks over his plateHe is old and feebleAnd I challenge to judge himI terrible myselfI terrible myself