Key Features
Shirt Text:The Older ns Get... The far better I Was
Front Design:Mini architecture on left chest
Back Design:Large design
Fit:Runs true come size
Care Instructions
Machine wash warm; tumble dried medium.
Do not iron design
100% Imported cotton
May shrink slightly

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No One is too Young for This!

Unless you room 30 years old, this T-shirt is simply what you need to display off your untamed style and your unique capacity to flourish even much more handsome the older girlfriend get!

The Perfect Gift for her Old Man!

Whether it’s her husband, dad, grandpa or uncle, this is by much the can be fried gift you can get them. Simply make sure they’re not too sensitive around their age!

For the guy That Defies the Odds!

Our unique T-shirt style is no for the man who has given up ~ above life. On the contrary, it’s the male that keeps looking far better and much better with age and challenges every little thing that life’s throwing at him!

Quality T-Shirt for quality Men!

Made that 100% pre-shrunk cotton that operation true come size, this premium T-shirt deserve to be machine washed and tumbled dried medium. If girlfriend don’t desire to ruin the design, execute not iron it!

Don"t favor It? We"ll make it Right!

Here in ~ Old males Rule, we are specific of the quality and integrity of all our designs, consisting of this T-Shirt. If however, you space not 110% thrilled through it, permit us recognize within 30 days and also we’ll send your money back.


Better with Age

You recognize what castle say…a quality guy is favor a quality wine…he only grows much better with age! If you room a man that his years on this planet have made him an ext refined, classy and bold, then you absolutely need this T-Shirt! in ~ the an extremely least, it will reinforce what you currently believe in! that it took decades to look at as good as girlfriend look right now!

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A thoughtful Gift

The most Thoughtful Gift For the Special male In her Life - Older guys are not easily impressed, we know that! What if you can not afford a pricey car, a brand-new house or luxury watch? Well, you deserve to still impress him however you have to get an innovative and speak to his thoughts instead of his needs. So, if you have a husband, dad, grand or uncle that space not also sensitive around their age, this couldn’t be a greater gift-giving opportunity! we bet that he’ll appreciate the gesture and he’ll be wearing the shirt for a long, long time to come!


Well-Fitting & high quality Design

Designed v 100% pre-shrunk cotton that operation true come size, you have the right to wash the T-shirt in the washing machine, tumble it dry medium and also even iron it. Simply be certain not come iron over the design, unless you want to ruin it or something!