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The most effective way to recognize contemporary society is to analysis the trends of its youth. Write a an answer in which you talk about the level to which friend agree or disagree with the statement and also explain your reasoning for the place you take.

This prompt points to a general perception that the youth is ~ above the frontline the the modern-day culture. Indeed, the youths room the creative and energetic component of the society, which makes it inevitable to analysis the patterns of the youth because that understanding modern culture. However, together I will elaborate, they are not enough to emblematize the contemporary society if us contextualize the discussion in greatly aging societies.

We can not be negligent of how much the patterns of youth deserve to tell about the modern culture. Due to the fact that of their age, they come to be the most an innovative and energetic people, and their requirements partly recognize the usage of their parents, the main labor the the society. Because that example, modern internet-famous culture is raised and also supported firstly through young people. So does the Hip-hop. It’s source from movements developed by African-American and Latino youths, and then became popular outside of African-American community. From this cases, the research of the patterns of youths can offer a sneak peek into the orientation the the contemporary cultural development.

However, culture is highly affected by the constitution of population. It will certainly be reductionist to argue that examine of youths is adequate to capture the modern culture, since a diverse selection of cultures among other eras speaks volumes around the society’s atmosphere, specifically in aging society. In addition, that middle-aged adults that occupy the major positions in working market have enough money, resources and also forces to influence the mainstream society in whole society. In a nutshell, we need to incorporate the research of ages besides youths, to better and more totally appreciate a society’s culture.

For example, “Cuihun”, which means elder generation advertise young civilization into marriage, is becoming a new routine throughout Chines new Year. This brand-new trend apparently relates come people approximately parents’ eras rather than the youths’. A mindful study that “Cuihun culture” will contribute to our expertise of Chinese modern culture.

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If we were come embark top top an endeavor to explore and also understand a society’s culture, we could start from gathering knowledge about its youth. Yet it’s no necessarily the many efficient way of expertise a society’s modern culture.