any ideas on who could be The male With a Beard but No Hair and also the Woman v Hair but No Beard? What do you think space their ages? I"ve always pictured them together someone rather older, probably belonging come the same generation as Ishmael, but I could be wrong. It"s just I discover it fascinating why both political parties of the VFD schism is rather terrified the the two. By the way, love everything you placed in this blog. Store it up!

I’ll shot to save you engaged, volunteer! many thanks for her encouragements.

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I would say that there’s a significant chance the Woman with Hair however No Beard and The guy With a Beard but No Hair belong to the same generation as Ishmael, yes. Mostly due to the fact that Olaf’s generation never ever really skilled what VFD was like prior to the Schism, while this two tourists did:

The woman through hair however no beard nodded. “Infantservants space so troublesome,” she said. “I had actually an child servant once; a lengthy time ago, beforethe schism.”“Before the schism?” Olaf said, and also Sunnywished Klaus were v her, due to the fact that the baby did not understand what the word “schism” meant. “That is a longtime ago. The infant should be all grown up by now.”“Not necessarily,” the woman said, andlaughed again, while her companion leaned under to gaze at Sunny.

This i makes more sense if you assume Olaf is younger 보다 his 2 bosses. Compare and contrast v these passages about the begin of the Schism, which occurred when the world of Olaf’s generations were babies themselves:

“Those must have actually been wonderful times,” Violet said.“So I’m told,” Kit said. “I was four years old when every little thing changed. Our organizationshattered, and also it was as if the human being shattered, too, and also one by one the safe areas weredestroyed.

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“It must have been a exorbitant time,” Klaus said.“I scarcely psychic it,” Dewey said. “I was four years old as soon as the schism began. Ns wasscarcely tall enough to reach my favorite shelf in the family library-the publications labeled 020.But one night, simply as our parents were hanging balloons because that our 5th birthday party, mybrothers and I were taken.”Chapter Eight>

Because Olaf is consistently defined as belonging to Kit’s and Dewey’s and also Lemony’s generation of volunteers, it without doubt seems the his two superiors are quite older than him. They plainly have seniority over Olaf.

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