The second of the two easily accessible episodes in The long Dark"s story contains a variety of hidden supply caches the you don’t desire to miss. Several of them space really straightforward to find, however others need a more intrinsic approach.

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There are nine areas in full in episode 2 the each have actually their own supply boxes with valuable items inside. If you desire to uncover them all without too much hassle, this location overview will tell you exactly how to find every supply cache inThe long Dark.

If you"re trying to find the supply places from the ahead episode, inspect out our episode 1 it is provided cache location guide for all the info you need.

All covert Supply Cache locations on secret Lake

Cache #1: Alan’s Cave

The note to this cache have the right to be discovered on the table within the office of the Carter Hydro Dam situated between secret Lake and Pleasant Valley.

You should follow the frozen river that starts in ~ the Carter Hydro Dam and also look for a cavern near a clearing through a hunter’s blind. The supply box is within that cavern -- but be wary the the wolf in the area.

Cache #2: Clearcut

If you find the note inside among the cabins top top the secret Lake, then it will lead you ideal to the Clearcut. It is the ar at the crossroads to the Forestry Lookout come the west, the road to the logging camp, and earlier to the train monitor to the east.

Look because that an area through log piles, where you will view the supply crate at the stump between the two large logs.

Cache #3: forlorn Muskeg Entrance

If you have the right to reach the Forestry Lookout in between the ruined Lookout come the west and also Derailment come the east, climate you will uncover a note with ar to this cache within the tower.

The cache is concealed at the entrance of the forlorn Muskeg after ~ you relocate through the Rail Tunnel. You require to relocate towards the cliffs beginning from the critical wagon.

At the base of the cliffs girlfriend should discover an orange crate with concealed supplies.

Cache #4: damaged Railroad

At the finish of the hope Muskeg railway, girlfriend should uncover a note at the wagons. Together you leave the hope Muskeg, follow the broken Railroad all the means through to the east. At the finish of the railway, rotate right and also go down to the frozen river.

Go increase the river, and at the finish of the means you will see the box on the best side of the bank between the rocks.

Cache #5: searching Lodge

The hunting Lodge is situated to the eastern from the Rail Tunnel. The note with the cache’s location is nailed come the enntrance gate steps.

The lodge is surrounding by hills, and the one you’re trying to find is located in prior of the building. Go up the hill and also look because that a collapse tree. Watch behind the tree and also you will view the it is provided box.

Cache #6: hope Muskeg Docks

At the opposite end of the Rail Tunnel, look the end for a yellow wagon. There is a pickup truck adjacent with a note inside indicating the place of this cache.

When you arrive at the hope Muskeg, you must look the end for the dock v a watercraft at the lake. The is straightforward to check out as the area is quite big and open.

On the opposite side of the lake native the docks friend will see a stump. The supply box is hidden right behind it.

All surprise Supply Cache areas of The woodland Talkers


The hunting Lodge keeps one much more note through three locations of the woodland Talkers it is provided caches.

Cache #1: maintenance Yard

The fence the surrounds the maintenance Yard at the damaged Railroad has actually a gap through which you have the right to squeeze onto the route that leads to the river.

Follow the cliffs to her right and also soon you will certainly arrive at the ar with the dent in the ground. Inside the dent you will watch a it is provided box.

Cache #2: Old Spence family members Homestead

At the enntrance gate to the forlorn Muskeg turn left and also follow the course to the Old Spence household Homestead.

On your means there friend will find a cave. To the ideal of the cave you will watch a rock, and behind the you will certainly find an additional box v supplies.

Cache #3: Logging Camp

Nearby Clearcut on mystery Lake friend will find a number of blue trailers in ~ the Logging Camp. Behind the trailers you will view a steep hill.

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Go up the hill in the direction the the tower and also look behind the rocks on your method there. The last supply crate is hidden right there.


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