Naughty Dog artist Alice X. Zhang showcases she wonderful Ellie and Riley art piece from The last of Us: Left Behind


I gain it, friend don’t should be reminded (again) the The last of Us part II publication tomorrow, yet it’s all many of us room thinking about and yes, ns speaking around myself here. It’s likewise really strange that in a issue of hours, the year of built-up anticipation for the title will certainly be over and also we’ll lastly get to play it. But even when the game is over and people have gotten to endure it, over there is constantly the unbelievable arts of The critical of Us to keep the love for the video game flowing. With so numerous iconic moments to select from, one scene in specific from The last of Us: Left Behind certainly stands out as one of the best and also Naughty Dog artist Alice X. Zhang certainly thought so too in her wonderful illustration of that poetic point in the game.

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If she a pretty big fan that The last of Us part II you might have already heard Alice’s name prior to due come her remarkable commissioned covering portraits because that the unique editions that The last of Us part II steelbook and likewise her man Ellie portrait that is featured on the PS4 Dynamic theme which comes through the multiple one-of-a-kind editions of The last of Us component II as well. Not just did Alice get hired to perform this artwork for among the biggest gaming studios in the world, however she has additionally done job-related for Marvel, BBC Worldwide, Lucasfilm, Team Liquid, and Disney publications – that’s fairly the achievement. In situation you’re not acquainted with the scene in question, let me give you a quick rundown.

The last of Us: Left Behind is a standalone expansion pack come The last of Us which, prefer the very first game, is collection in a post-apocalyptic world where players regulate Ellie, a teenage girl who spends time v her finest friend Riley after ~ Riley’s unexpected return. In this details scene that Alice has actually so beautifully painted, Riley makes a relocating speech in ~ the finish of the video game after she and Ellie have been bitten.

“The way I view it,” Riley says, “we’ve got two methods out. Choice one, us take the easy method out.” She gestures to she pistol. “It’s quick and painless. I’m not a fan of alternative one. 2 – we fight.”

“Fight for what?” Ellie exclaims “We’re going come turn right into one of those things”

Riley replies: “There room a million methods we should’ve died prior to today, and also a million methods we can die before tomorrow. But we fight, for every second we obtain to spend with every other. Whether it’s 2 minutes or 2 days, us don’t provide that up. Ns don’t want to give that up. My vote: let’s simply wait it out. Friend know, we can… be every poetic and also just shed our psychic together.”

It yes, really is such a poignant moment and it’s definitely one of my favorites. Friend can inspect out the entirety of that scene and the run-up to it in a YouTube video below, even just come let you remember exactly how incredible video games are and how they can deliver and evoke such strong feelings within us.


To inspect out Alice’s countless other piece of amazing artwork – and I don’t use that indigenous lightly as they truly are incredible – you deserve to go right to her website come buy part art prints, give her a follow on Twitter, or check out her Instagram.

So lot information and also trailers have come out over the last few months regarding The critical of Us component 2 that girlfriend may have forgotten some crucial aspects that what come expect as soon as it releases. For considerable and up to day guide top top what awaits you, inspect out this article that delves right into the story, who have to play it, what to expect, gameplay length, and also much more. Together for our very own coverage of The critical of Us part II, we right now don’t have actually a review posted on the site but it won’t be much much longer until us do. Us outlined our testimonial plans for the video game in a dedicated article right here earlier last week and explained that us should have actually a created review, video review, and review conversation posted not too long after launch. Continue to be tuned in the comes days come hear an ext of our opinionated thoughts on the game.

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The critical of Us component II will release specifically for PS4 this Friday top top June 19, 2020, and you deserve to pre-order the video game on Amazon. Because that a closer look at at part brand new screenshots of the long-awaited title, you can inspect them all the end over at this article, and stay tuned because that our upcoming review of the game after that launch.