All browsers execute NOT
display web pages in the same way, so that is not necessary to preview a net page in an ext than one browser before publishing it.

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You deserve to NOT editHTML documents directly in PowerPoint.
A formula isa math expression that calculates a value.
You have the right to use the Copy and also Paste commandsto copy a format.
The background shade of worksheet tabs isNOT visible at every times.
The chart Wizard will certainly NOTalways guess the correct cell range when generating a graph from a worksheet.
The an initial dialog crate in the chart Wizardasks friend to choose the kind of graph you want to create.
If you adjust data in a worksheet,the data in its corresponding chart also changes.
A mail unify documentDOES NOT must be a new Word document.
You can develop an overview in Wordby inputting text straight in overview view in a new document.
PowerPoint help youquickly create effective gift by utilizing a style template, but DOES no asks girlfriend a series of questions about your tasks, and also then help you perform them.
A style template isa file that has the colors and also format that the background and also the type style of the titles, accents, and other text.
Once friend start producing a presentation through a style template,you CAN change to another template.
Excel is a computerized ____.spreadsheet
By default, an Excel workbook is made up of ____ worksheets.three
The formula provided to multiply cell A1 by cell C1 is ____.=A1*C1
Removing the components of a cell is well-known as ____ a cell.clearing
Which that the following is an option in the Delete cell dialog box?Shift cells right
If the ____ format has been set as the default, if you go into the text string “April 26, 2006,” Excel will instantly convert the entry come “26-Apr-2006.”DD-MMM-YYYY
Click the ____ tab in the style Cells dialog crate to accessibility line layouts for borders.Borders
You pick the ____ publish orientation if you desire your worksheet to publish so the the printed web page is wider than the is tall.Landscape
To show only heat 7 that a six row spreadsheet without deleting rows 2 through 6, _____.right-click the selection, and then click Hide top top the faster way menu
If you adjust the data in a worksheet, ____.Excel instantly updates the chart created from the worksheet
To readjust a pie graph from 2-D come 3-D, the Chart kind command on the graph menu
The outline tab includes the ____ of every slide.

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titles & text
You have the right to ____ to development to the next the spacebar
presentation type, audience needs, ar of the presentationElements the a presentation that need to be planned
Slides that contain no photos or charts, only textual info should usage what on slide layout?Title and also Text
The first cell in a table is namedA1
An HTML paper with the Office-related tags removedFiltered net page
To save a workbook or portions of a workbook as a web pagePublish
A web page that contains HTML codeHTML document
A container for textText box
An effect applied to an facet on a display that specifies how that aspect will be displayedAnimations
The manner in which a new slide appears on the display during a slide showSlide transition
A paper that consists of the color and also format that the background and also the kind style the the titles, accents and also other textDesign template
The section of the PowerPoint window that mirrors the existing slides together it will look in the slide showSlide pane
A business tool that helps girlfriend analyze and report dataSpeadsheet
Documents the contain electronic spreadsheetsWorkbooks
A single spreadsheet in ~ a workbookWorksheets
The intersection that a columnand row in a spreadsheetCell
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