Alternative : Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu, Albert-ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo Goshomou desu

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The Daughter of the Albert house Wishes for destroy summary:

Noble's daughter mar Albert, in the middle of the school opening ceremony, remembers that this human being was an otome game she played in her previous life, and also she transforms out to it is in a character from the game. The mary inside the video game was a villain, harassing and also interfering with the heroine, and was met with destruction at the end: the so dubbed "villainous girl's downfall route". And also so the apparent reaction is - "This isn't a joke!?" and carefully prevents the damage end - or not!Instead she trudges headlong in the direction of the destruction end!
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Maybe coming in the following issueThe Daughter the the Albert house Wishes for ruin chapter 12The Daughter of the Albert home Wishes for destroy chapter 13
Chapter nameViewTime uploaded
Vol.3 chapter 1126,374Feb-16-21
Vol.3 chapter 10.3: ③28,356Jan-04-21
Vol.3 chapter 10.2: ②17,114Dec-30-20
Chapter 10.1: special Chapter14,696Dec-21-20
Vol.2 thing 10: ①15,208Dec-21-20
Vol.2 chapter 922,402 Nov-10-20
Vol.2 thing 822,639Sep-18-20
Vol.2 thing 731,873Jun-06-20
Vol.2 thing 683,008Dec-30-19
Vol.1 chapter 5.6: Volume 1 Extras63,161Nov-29-19
Chapter 5.588,295Jul-17-19
Vol.1 chapter 589,253Jun-27-19
Vol.1 thing 4.4: ④96,716Mar-09-19
Vol.1 thing 4.3: ③89,104Mar-07-19
Vol.1 thing 4.2: ②90,860Feb-14-19
Chapter 4.193,103Feb-13-19
Chapter 3.299,659Nov-22-18
Chapter 395,695Nov-22-18
Chapter 2110,730Nov-22-18
Chapter 1142,346Nov-22-18

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