How go the Seminole tribe resist government authority? A. They carried a case to the can be fried Court. B. They battled a war versus the united States. C. They peacefully embraced government treaties. D. Castle fled deeper into the West. The Seminole tribe resisted government authority by: They fought a war against the united States. User: What was the function of ladies as industry increased? A. Lock led the household. B. Lock ran for government office. C. They came to be industry leaders. D. They got the vote. (More)
What was the role of females as sector increased? A. They led the household. B. Lock ran for federal government office. C. They ended up being industry leaders. D. They gained the vote.
Which acts prohibited windy opposition to the government? A. The Intolerable action B. The Townshend acts C. The Alien and Sedition acts D. The Immigrant acts
Jefferson"s an ext liberal see of expanding rights for all Americans was most favored by what region of the country? A. Northeast B. South C. Western are D. East
Jefferson"s an ext liberal watch of expanding rights for all Americans was most favored by what an ar of the country? A. Western territory B. East C. South D. Northeast Jefferson"s an ext liberal check out of widening rights for every Americans was many favored through South. (More)


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