seasoned comic artist Tom Gauld discusses his very first foray right into children’s books, the prominence of bedtime rituals, and how his daughters inspired the do of a fairy tale.

In this edition of Author Talks, an international Publishing’s Raju Narisetti chats with Tom Gauld, a cartoonist and also illustrator who renders weekly cartoons because that New Scientist and also the Guardian and also occasional covers for the New Yorker. In his first picture publication for children, The tiny Wooden Robot and also the log in Princess (Neal Porter Books, respectable 2021), a tiny wooden robot embarks ~ above a quest to discover his missing sister. The fairy tale, influenced by a bedtime story Gauld comprised for his daughters, is carried to life with comprehensive illustrations, quirky humor, and magical personalities sure come stir young readers’ imaginations. An edited version of the conversation follows.

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Why did you desire to write a children’s fairy story now?


I’ve want to do a kids’ book probably for as lengthy as I’ve been an illustrator. I’ve always liked storytelling v my pictures, and also I’ve do comic books and short cartoons. A kids’ book seemed choose a yes, really fun style to try. However I never ever really had actually a story that excited me sufficient to take the time to do the book.

I have actually two daughters, and also I went with that stage that a lot of parents walk through once you’re analysis bedtime stories to lock every night, sometimes two or three quick books. I had actually boot camp in children’s stories then, and I realized how much ns loved reading the an excellent ones, just how much ns hated analysis the bad ones, and how necessary this kind of bedtime story routine was.

That’s what gained me excited around finally committing to doing a story of mine own. The fairy tale that I composed came around through ours family. My younger daughter, ever due to the fact that she to be a baby, sleeps favor a log every night. She closes her eyes, she sleeps, and she wakes increase refreshed in the morning. Almost nothing will certainly wake her up in between. Therefore we called her “the log,” and also it was a sort of household joke.

One night, ns was, together I sometimes did at the time, comprising a bedtime story because that the girls and also improvising it. I came up v this story about a little princess who, when she falls asleep, turns right into a log. So I started the job by accident in that ten-minute item of improvisation. The girls favored the story, and also I said it to them a couple of more times, and we talked around what us liked about it.

Making the leap

What’s been most daunting about transitioning from showing for adult to portraying for kids?

I think the hardest point was trying to keep what’s great about mine cartoons because that adults—or what i like around them and also what ns enjoy—and translating that into a children’s human being without losing what’s an excellent about them.

I knew the a children’s story couldn’t be together dry and maybe as subtle in the same methods as mine adult cartoons. And also the feeling would have to be a different kind of humor, which might be appreciated by a tiny child as well as an adult. I had to find a means to warmth up some of the coolness, i m sorry is in mine adult cartooning, without feeling like I’d poured a bucket the icing sugar over the top of it and also without it becoming something saccharine and also losing several of the charm that ns hope is in my adult work.

I tried to store the drawing style quite similar to my adult cartooning. However in an adult cartoon, I might simplify a face down to just a pair of eyes on a circle. It might be as straightforward as that. Because that a child, i think they need much more than that, so over there were an ext smiley faces. There to be slightly warmer colors 보다 I’d have actually naturally used, and that was a challenge, yet I really appreciated working in this new form.

How walk the way you phone call a story readjust when it’s aimed in ~ four- come eight-year-olds?

What I had in mind to be the form, which to be the bedtime story—the story that’s read by a parental or an additional caregiver come a worn down child in ~ the finish of the day. It’s practically a kind of routine of ending the day and going to sleep. I wanted to write a story i beg your pardon fit the type of period when a child most likely isn’t analysis to themselves and maybe can read but still has actually this story gift told at bedtime. I really wanted to do a story i m sorry would job-related in that kind of space.

So mine story has fatigue in it—the princess drops asleep—so it’s really much thinking about that an are in i m sorry it’s told, i beg your pardon is a lovely, intimate minute in a family’s life. And it’s amazing to be making something come fit into people’s stays there.

In a way, aren’t friend actually creating for the parents—and frequently perhaps worn down parents?

Yes. Ns think if I’d written a book prior to I’d had actually children, i wouldn’t have interpreted so clearly that, unlike a comic book, i beg your pardon one reads to oneself and the story comes together in her mind silently, a children’s book is very much a script for a power by a generally unskilled and perhaps worn down actor who is the reader.

So it an extremely much has to sound great in the mouth in a method that a comic book doesn’t for this reason much. I really want it to work well and to be quickly readable. For this reason I would take draft of the story home, and also I’d read it to my children. I’d have my wife, who’s a much better story reader 보다 me, read it to the 3 of us. And I’d listen to watch what was working and what wasn’t working.

I didn’t dumb under the language in any way for children, but, probably much more importantly, I mean I want it to sound prefer some that the fairy story that I’d review as a child, or had actually read to me. So over there is part slightly old-fashioned language in there and some language the my copy editor claimed was fairly British-sounding language because that an American picture book. They to be willing come let that stand because I think that fit v the fairy tale idea and the slim old-fashionedness that that type of story, i beg your pardon I want to be in there alongside my own maybe contempt stranger twisted on things, like having a robot and also other things like that.

How old were your daughters, Daphne and also Iris, when you comprised this story?

I was quite slow ~ above this book. In between the time once I very first told the story to them and also the publication coming out, rather a few years have actually passed. I can’t remember specifically how old castle were as soon as I called the story, yet I would certainly guess the was 5 or 6 years ago.

Now, they’re both teenagers. Iris is 13, and also Daphne’s 16. But they’ve to be there because that the trip of the book all along, and also it’s been an extremely helpful having them there at the beginning, as little children who reacted quite normally to the story, come now, as soon as they’ve known the story all along and can help me with aspects of it. It’s been a lovely household project.


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Gauld"s very first picture publication for youngsters was influenced by his daughters, Daphne and also Iris.

Are Iris and Daphne upset that their favorite part got left the end of the book?

It’s funny you to speak that. My first draft the the book was very long. The publisher said, “This is too long for a one-night bedtime story. If you desire it to work-related in the form, you should shorten it.”

It was around 3,000 words at the point, conversely, the finished publication is a tiny over 1,000. So I reduced two-thirds the it. Ns think it shows how overwritten the very first draft was that i didn’t actually lose that numerous things. I managed to cut out a lot of stuff that remained in there i beg your pardon didn’t execute a lot.

But there was one element—even simply last night, my daughter was bemoaning the it was removed—of a very little scene as soon as the small wooden robot is left in the frozen phibìc on his own, and his sisters is, at that point, a log, and he’s do the efforts to uncover her. In my lengthy draft, some trolls appear, and also they lug him a hot sausage and also a cup of tea. In my desperation to get the book down come the best length, ns edited that out, which ns think does assist because it makes him an ext lonely at that point. And also I likewise began come think, would certainly a robot eat a sausage?

Once you begin thinking around these things, friend can obtain in a little of a spiral. Therefore in the end, that scene to be cut, and I think it’s better for it. But I don’t think my younger daughter, Iris, has ever before talked about the book without being sad that the trolls and also the hot sausage space not in it. So it may be the one day, I need to write a book about trolls and also sausages to make it approximately her.

I counted at the very least 12 various other tales waiting to it is in told within this one fairy tale.

I want to have those suggested stories nested within the key story therefore that even in this short, one-night, one-evening story, there’s a emotion of bigness, the a fairy tale human being where there’s not just this one story walking on, but there’s magic everywhere and also there room possibilities. The stories space in over there to assist the narrative, yet I also hope the they will be turned right into stories, however not by me. The aim of those, really, is come spark the creative thinking of the boy who’s being read to.

I’ve had actually a couple of friends call me that they have had actually discussions with their children about those suggested narratives. Among them is dubbed “The old lady in a bottle,” and to be saying the her son was discussing how he to be going toget her the end of the bottle. Walk she have actually some knitting in there? deserve to she knit a ladder to acquire out? i really want those story to happen, however I don’t desire to it is in the one to create them. I desire them to occur for everyone that reads the story, who have the right to imagine what’s walk on there.

Color exterior the lines

The publication is much more colorful, if I may use that word, 보다 your adult work.

The book is more colorful than my normal work. I naturally relocate toward quite a muted palette. That’s where I feel comfortable. However that was one more thing mine daughters said me: “No child will want to read a publication which is in your usual palette. Friend need an ext color in there.” ns think they were right. So that was something I functioned hard on—trying to store colors that ns liked, yet just acquire that brightness and warmth and richness, because I didn’t want to simply turn in a rainbow fairy tale.


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Gauld injected shade into his children"s publication in a method he hasn"t through his adult-targeted works.

So do the efforts to discover a way that I can be comfortable with an ext colorful job-related was one of the challenges. I took house every page of the book to mine family, and also we sat down and talked about the various colors, and also what essential to be brighter, and what wasn’t working.

Did you aim to show a varied family?

In terms of the gyeongju of the king and also the queen and also the said race that the children, also though the daughter is made the end of wood, she walk seem come be likewise colored come the mother. I suppose it comes under to the totality idea of acquisition an old form, prefer the fairy tale, that has actually all this wonderful, an effective tropes and using them to tell a story today.

You can’t make an old fairy tale specifically as the brothers Grimm would have actually done, set in medieval Germany, due to the fact that it’s now. It’s today, and also that would certainly be pointless. So i was looking in ~ the tropes that fairy tales and thinking, What are the good ones? What space the an effective ones that ns like? What are the persons which you could just put in a story unthinkingly?

The idea the fairy tales room really set in middle ages Germany is nonsense. You know, there room goblins. Sometimes, St. Peter’s walking roughly in the forest. There are pets who have the right to talk. They’re no real. As quickly as i was freed from it being not real, I believed it would be sad if anybody looked in ~ this book and also thought it was only around German or brother children.


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A spread from The tiny Wooden Robot and the log Princess.

It appeared silly not to have actually a diverse actors of characters. When you think carefully around these tropes, friend sometimes uncover that they addup come something an ext interesting. Kings and also queens were generally human being from different countries who had been married in order to cement a relationship between the countries.

The queen no being a north European says the larger world, and also I think helps indicate that as soon as the small robot is lost, he’s shed in a big, broad world. He’s not lost in a tiny forest in England or Germany. Sometimes, questioning the tropes which have been handed under leads come something a bit an ext interesting.

How did her editors help a first-time fairy story writer?

This is my an initial children’s book, so i don’t know what an editor generally does. Ns only know this one solitary experience ns have, i beg your pardon is that Neal Porter, mine editor; Steven Malk, mine agent;and Jennifer, the designer, all had actually suggestions. However they were all really gentle enhancements rather than great big edits. I’d functioned on the story for fairly a while before I carried it come them, so i didn’t lug them a work-related in progress. I lugged something i beg your pardon was as finished as I feel I might make it.

But i was expecting to have actually to adjust things, and also I was willing to adjust things. Very first of all, ns was delighted that after functioning on something on my own and also with my family, that I carried it come some genuine professionals and also they preferred it. Their suggestions were ethereal but very much improved .

One point I definitely had not correct in my draft is the the robot woke the princess from sleep with a kiss. He woke her together in any fairy tale, like Sleeping Beautyor Snow White.To me, a brothers kissing his sister felt fine when I created the story. Both Neal and Steve said, “No, that just seems a little odd. It’s not worth it.” Things have actually changed, and that’s a trope I check out now. That’s a trope that i took on native the fairy tale and also didn’t consider how it sound in our civilization today.

So we readjusted it to some magic words, which ns think boosted the story, and likewise ties into fairy tales favor “The magic porridge pot,” which has actually magic words said to avoid a porridge pot. I prefer the reality that I regulated to find a various fairy tale method of solving that problem.

That to be the only major thing. Over there were small changes to the text, tiny improvements. Lock felt the finishing needed a bit more visual excitement, so we included some fireworks and the human being of the nation standing happily, watching at the end. Therefore it was a actual whopper of an ending, conversely, my initial version was probably a tiny quieter.

Inspiration to ideation

How did the book’s location come about?

Classic fairy tales are a large influence ~ above this story. Prior to I created it, i wasn’t certain I might write a children’s book. I assumed a lazy solution would it is in to find a fairy tale and illustrate it myself.

So ns read every one of Grimms’ fairy tales and a many other ones, do the efforts to uncover a fairy tale that I could edit or make my own. But I found, generally, that either the really well-known ones would be uninteresting to redo—and ns didn’t desire to perform a reenvisioning, ironic take-apart that the fairy tale—or theyweren’t really well known, and they weren’t really well known because they to be absolutely terrifying. Or castle were yes, really strange. Or they were brilliant, yet they were simply weird. Ns realized in the finish that if I want to carry out my own fairy tale, i was going to need to write it together well. So i was entirely inspired by the wonderful titles of Grimm stories.

One of my favorites is dubbed “The mouse, the bird, and the sausage,” and it’s around a residence in the woods where a mouse and a bird and a sausage live together. I love the flatness of the title. It’s for this reason ordinary, but it’s acquired this insanity that there’s a sausage living v creatures.

Once i realized i was composing a fairy tale, I want it to have that mixture that fantasticalnessand additionally just the flatness of flatly stating that these personalities are, together if it’s perfectly regular to hear about these things.

What other authors motivated you?

They’re a writer–illustrator team called Janet and also Allan Ahlberg, and he wrote the stories and she depicted them. They wrote stories i beg your pardon I read as a child, and he brought on composing stories and is still alive today and also writes.

I think he’s simply the most wonderful writer of dialogue to be check out by a parent. He to be a large influence ~ above the means I created the story. There’s one dubbed The Runaway Dinner, which is a very light, fairly silly story, but it’s so beautiful written, lyrically, that together a parent—even someone prefer me, who’s not an actor or performer—can carry out a exciting act for her child simply by following his words and also his punctuation.

Do ns spot a wee little bit of your indigenous Scotland in here?

I think that most likely is in there. I grew up in Scotland near Aberdeen, and the village I lived in was called Woodlands the Durris. Our house was surrounding by forests, and I invested a lot of time through my friends go in the forests and playing in the forests. So once I review a Grimms’ fairy tale around people hike off into the forests, in my mind, it’s those forests of mine childhood that were behind my house and that i spent many time in.

What do Iris and Daphne gain other 보다 a thank you in the book?

I don’t think that’s a risk. Once I started this children’s book, I had an idea because that a graphics novel because that grown-ups, and I had this children’s publication idea, and also there to be a allude when ns realized I essential to pick one. I thought, I’ll carry out the kids’ book, and I’ll execute the graphics novel next.

Now I’m at the stage as soon as the kids’ book is finished, and also I’m doing a small publicity because that it, however I have a brand-new space in mine life because that a brand-new project, and that will be an additional book for adults. I’m walking to save doing my weekly cartoons forNew Scientist and also the Guardian.

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I don’t have an idea for one more kids’ book, and I don’t desire to rush into one until I have actually one ns feel as sure of as I did v this. I’ll just need to wait and see if i do another children’s book, or if it’s simply this one. We’ll have to see.