When you buy Girl scout Cookies, you feeding joy and also make a difference with every box.

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Will your Girl scout Cookie entrepreneur assist the regional hospital or animal shelter throughout town? climb her very first mountain? start a nonprofit? It’s as much as her and also her troop. Proceeds stay local to power life-changing programs, experiences, and also learning all year long!

When girls get involved in the Girl reconnaissance Cookie Program, they likewise develop crucial life skills—goal setting, decision making, money management, civilization skills, and business ethics—that will set girls up because that success beyond something they can imagine.

That’s why we ask you come buy the delicious cookie you crave indigenous your local Girl reconnaissance Cookie organization pro—not from she parents. You’ll reap your favorite cookie even an ext knowing you helped her carry out all the exceptional things she’s obtained planned because that this year while likewise learning a ton along the way.

When friend buy Girl reconnaissance Cookies throughout the Girl enlightenment Cookie Sale, you"re helping local programs for local girls. Our girls are leading the way, together they invest money indigenous their own cookie sales earlier into company projects throughout Kansas!

 Feed your cookie craving!

Find a cookie booth. discover Girl scout Cookie sales in your ar by entering her zip password in the “Find Cookies!” tool.

Download the mobile app. This is obtainable for your iOS or Android mobile device.

discover Cookies!

 Have a great Girl reconnaissance Cookie Story to Share? 

Have a parent or troop leader submit it today for a opportunity to watch your story featured in our "Think outside the Cookie Box" gallery, top top the Girl enlightenment Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and also more! 


Our Cookie Packages assistance Sustainability

ABC Bakers supports and encourages brand-new ways to boost sustainability. And the Girl scout Cookie packages currently make a significant impact. By acquisition the Thanks-A-Lot Girl enlightenment Cookie “out the the box,” 150 tons of paperboard space saved each year from beginning America’s wastestream. And more cookies could right on trucks, conserving an estimated 2,600 gallons the diesel fuel a year.

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Buoyed by confident volunteer and consumer response, ABC proceeds packaging Thanks-A-Lot Girl Scout Cookies in recyclable film and has expanded this packaging technique to Lemonades cookies and also Cranberry Citrus Crisps, resulting in a an unified reduction of more than 300 lots of paperboard per season. Alphabet is the only Girl scout Baker supplying this eco-friendly Packaging.

Our Packages likewise Tell a Story!

Rather than just showing girls having actually fun, the Girl scout Cookie parcel designs offer customers a more complete look in ~ the Girl Scout leadership Experience. Packages showcase badges, an abilities learned in the Cookie Program, the yellow Award, and also how girls spend their cookie proceeds!