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Key findings

The lowest monthly typical temperature in feather Hill because that February is 58.1 levels The most monthly precipitation in feather Hill wake up in August v 13.2 inch The air top quality index in spring Hill is 40% far better than the national typical The contamination index in spring Hill is 178% worse 보다 the national mean

How would certainly you rate the weather in feather Hill?Excellent. Perfectly heat weather and not lot rain.Good. Warmth days, through a small rain here and also there.Poor. Heat summers, but cold winters with some rain.Awful. Cold summers and winters with lots of rain.

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Write a review to give others an ext information about this area.How would you rate the air top quality in spring Hill?Excellent. The wait is really clean, basically no pollution.Good. Over there is a tiny amount of pollution.Poor. Over there is an ext pollution 보다 I"d like.Awful. Smog and pollution to fill this area.
In the event that the weather data to be unavailable because that this city, approximates based upon surrounding cities to be used.
MonthTemp. (min)Temp. (max)Temp. (avg)Precipitation

Here are the best places to live in FloridaTop 10 cities in Florida with the finest education systemCheck the end the 10 safest cities in FloridaTop 10 ideal public institutions in feather Hill
In the event that the air quality/pollution data to be unavailable for this city, estimates based upon surrounding cities were used.
IndexSpring HillFloridaNational
Air high quality index303550
Pollution index14,102,80015,391,3445,066,862

Days measured365
Days with an excellent air quality337
Days v moderate wait quality28
Days w/ bad A.Q. For sensitive groups0
Days with unhealthy air quality0

City, StatePopulationAir quality IndexNational Avg.

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Hill "n Dale, FL2,4433040%
Brookridge, FL4,4773040%
Hernando Beach, FL2,4203040%
Pine Island, FL103040%
Weeki Wachee, FL13040%
Spring Hill, FL102,9293040%

City, StatePopulationAir high quality IndexNational Avg.
El Cajon, CA102,8946428%
Lakeland, FL102,7143628%
Columbia, MD103,439468%
Rialto, CA102,4188978%
Lewisville, TX102,327512%
Spring Hill, FL102,9293040%

Source: The feather Hill, FL weather data displayed over is obtained from the NOAA (National Oceanic and also Atmospheric). Waiting quality and also pollution data is obtained from the EPA (United States environmental Protection Agency). Wait quality and pollution level measured in a specific area might not be representative the the entire county.