This is a “mini guide” because that Tap madness Fish – AbyssRium, with only the Fall event (2017) information, split out to be much faster & less complicated to pack on cell phone devices. Feel complimentary to include to her homescreen for straightforward access! check out the main overview for a more comprehensive collection of information.

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Fall event Stats

Best an approach for Earning Maple Leaves

Video guide to ideal method

Basically we keep all however 4 fish of the same form to limit wherein on the display screen we have to tap; Jellyfish work ideal due to their minimal movement range, yet Clownfish will carry out as well.

Only 3 Event currency icons will show up at once (plus possibly one photograph quest), thus the border of 4. You have the right to store all other fish instantly in the regulate Fish menu, then take out your 4 jellies.

To obtain the most candy per 2nd we need Song of the Moon (multiplies money dropped). In addition, you deserve to use your complimentary 10 minute of spirit of Life in the everyday Mission food selection to double the impact on top of that. Use Recharge Skill and you’ll have the ability to squeeze 2 casts that SotM right into your free Spirit the Life.

Fall forest Fairy FishCosts 300 LeavesStar Sickle Fish300 LeavesFall woodland Dumbo Octopus900 LeavesOwn 5 loss forest fairy fishStar Turtle 900 LeavesOwn 5 Star Sickle fishFall forest Football Fish1,800 LeavesOwn 20 occasion fish and 5 light jellyfish (Hidden Fish)This additionally requires the Star strip Marlin firstStar Dolphin1,800 LeavesOwn 30 event fishFall forest Ray3,000 LeavesOwn 40 occasion fishStar s Sunfish3,000 LeavesClick the sheet icon over star beam 200 timesUsing the increase menu to let you pan roughly makes this easierFall woodland Whale4,800 LeavesOwn every fall event fish except Star Whale and also UnicornThe counter under this fish have to read (12/12)Use tune of the Moon as soon as after this and also it will automatically unlock

Fall occasion Hidden Fish & light Jellyfish

Star ray (Hidden)2,400 LeavesUse the Starry fall Night theme and also share star dolphin picture 3 times.Fall forest Narwhal (Hidden) 3,600 LeavesUse the Maple Fashion costume and share photos of loss forest ray 3 times.Star stripe Marlin (Hidden)600 LeavesWatch ads because that maple leaves 15 timesThis beginning a continuous looping, invisible 30 minute timerThen, Star Marlins will show up 100% of the moment every 30 minutesMake certain you have the latest update (as of october 10th) to get the 100% chance
Light Jellyfish (Hidden)1,200 LeavesShare pictures of the star strip marlin 3 timesYes, the ones girlfriend buy work for this, not simply the visiting onesStar Whale (Hidden) 6,000 LeavesOwn 5 forest whales24,000 Leaves total

Fall occasion Customization Items

CostumeMaple FashionCosts 1000 LeavesRequired for loss Forest Narwhal DyeFall woodland DyeCosts 500 LeavesChanges the music to incorporate fall cricketsNot forced for any kind of fish, yet buy that anyway due to the fact that it’s minimal and prettyThemeStarry fall NightCosts 500 Leaves Required for Star RayCertain phones aren’t compatible with specific effects, an interpretation some individuals don’t check out the stars. Over there is no means to deal with this at present.

Premium Fall event Fish

Unicorn$10 IAP in the gems tab the the StoreYou deserve to purchase more with Vitality ~ buying one with cash, prefer all Premium FishDoubles sheet earning price for this occasion onlyNot crucial to unlock any type of other loss fish


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