In the arrival to her translation of Lao Tzu’s Tao te Ching, Ursula K. Le Guin writes:

The very first Tao dare Ching I ever before saw to be the Paul Carus edition of 1898, bound in yellow clothe stamped through blue and red Chinese designs and characters. It was a venerable thing of mystery, which I shortly investigated, and found much more fascinating inside than out. The publication was mine father’s; he check out in the often. Once I experienced him making notes from it and also asked what he to be doing. He said he was marking which chapters he’d choose to have read at his funeral.

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A couple of years ago, once you might actually shop in a bookstore and also talk to strangers, an elderly woman walked as much as me in a fifty percent Price Books and also said she had nothing come read.

“Well, she in the right place,” ns said.

We gained to talking and also discovered we both delighted in poetry. She stated a lot of human being in her life to be dying therefore she was analysis Lao Tzu.

“Lao Tzu?” ns said. “I love Lao Tzu.”


We walked together from section to section. Ns browsed; she talked. At one allude she recited part Robert Frost and also some Basho:


Eventually we said our goodbyes. I think of this woman now when I choose up the Tao dare Ching, and also I wonder just how she’s doing.


“It is the most lovable of every the great religious texts,” Le Guin writes. “Funny, keen, kind, modest, indestructibly outrageous, and inexhaustibly refreshing. Of all the deep springs, this is the purest water. To me, the is additionally the deepest spring.”


Every poem seems to me a subtweet of our crooked world and also our lousy, corrupt leaders.



And Le Guin’s footnotes are perfect:


If you read Le Guin after analysis this translation, you realize how plenty of lines indigenous her books could’ve been lifted native Lao Tzu.

This sentence from The Left Hand of Darkness, for example:

“To learn which inquiries are unanswerable, and not come answer them: this ability is most needful in time of stress and darkness.”

Or this one:

“The just thing that renders life feasible is permanent, intolerable uncertainty: not discovering what come next.”

Le Guin’s version of the Tao car Ching (more excerpts end at Brain Pickings) was a an excellent solace come me because that the past four years, so much so that I put it in the recommended analysis for Keep Going. And also there’s a fairly new reprinting, which means it’s pretty basic to find.

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