The minute I an initial saw the vikings Mythology book I was instantly transported to my childhood – during that time ns was charmed through the Greek mythology. I remember having actually two publications with quick stories – one book around the gods, the various other book around the heroes (for mine Romanian readers: Legendele Olimpului de Alexandru Mitru). Fascinated through Hera (queen of the gods) and Athena (goddess the wisdom), ns was reading and also re-reading their stories, imagining how life would look choose on mount Olympus. Back to the Nordic god now!

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Norse Mythology in a nutshell

The norseman Mythology is a repertoire of stories of Nordic gods, giants, elves and also other beings. According to the myths, every beings live in Nine civilizations that room centered about the tree Yggdrasil.

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For example, gods live in Asgard, giants live in Jotunheim, and also humans live in Midgard. With so many human beings and varieties of beings, you deserve to only imagine there’s a lot keep going in Yggdrasil