Stage 31 has no LC drain and also can it is in farmed because that 25 herbs or Guardian ticket and about 2% EXP.

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A Crystal the Fonic Hymns of Yulia will certainly be awarded on step 30, 34 and also 36. Use these come summon an to exclude, ☆6:

Unit NameTypeArte TypeLeader SkillActive SkillActive Cost
VanSpellNormal (All)All heroes HP/RCV to 0.7x, ATK to 2.8xDeal a 12x-power light assault to every enemies.45


Van (36)Saleh (35)Van (34)Barbatos (33)
Van (32)Van (31)Van (30)Yggdrasill (29)

Van's mechanics:

Has a damage threshold shield similar to mana eaters.

Opens through a bottom heat 3-turn petrify and also 1 rotate timer.

X-shaped paralyzing attack.

Can inflict arte seal and also freeze.

Middle heat high damage attack. There appears to be a an insect where water devices will take additional damage indigenous this attack.

Has a desperation brick attack.

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I just had to come in a speak that i was around to provide up ~ above beating floor 36 since my arte healers to be on vacation, however after so plenty of defeats I finally did it.

This is the very first ares realm that I have actually completed fully I simply want to thank the human being in the team structure thread for the assist on the ahead floors.


After tweaking mine team a little bit with ILoveTales's aid and making use of BrwnDragon's team, I lastly cleared F36. Not a moment too soon, either, due to the fact that holy shit, ns legitimately go NOT mean to have the ability to clear it. (lol)

I was crazy sufficient to go v the twin Barbatos strategy still and the 70+ LC to carry out a single boosted arte, however then my delayers were able to save delaying valve long sufficient for me to construct up much more LC come pull turn off another single boosted arte. Thank THE RNG GODS.

Now to simply farm herbs till it's all over... BD;;;

I spent numerous days simply trying to obtain past 34, and also when I lastly got past it, it didn't take much much longer for me to clear the rest of Ares.
had to update my finisher's MA due to the fact that I couldn't perform enough damages even after ~ 3x + 3.5x boosts, however those Goddess Loves were fine invested currently that I'll have the ability to clear Mana Den.

So glad I'm done through this, and I'm happen on many of psychological Tower for this reason it's farming passives & LP for now before I move on come Awakening contracts.


There will, eventually, be much more Trial Tower events to test yourself against, and you will certainly be far better prepared because that passing on the psychological tower now. ;)

I'm fairly sad that ns still have been unable to clean F30. The trouble being that i don't have any kind of blood boasters or any real good boasters in general. :/ Welp, maybe following Ares I will have better units.

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Have girlfriend tried the girlfriend Request and Teambuilding threads?

There might be a strategy the you have actually missed, or a friend Lead with a an increase that deserve to help.

With Ares around to end, i was reminded of those two Guaranteed 5-star tickets ns still have lying around in my items, and also decided to spend one. And it provided me Mikleo - my first 5-star variation of him, I'm for this reason happy! yet I'm sort of bothered the he come as fire... Why FIRE of all things?

...Then again, my only copy the SA Armatized Sorey is fire, too. (What space the odds?!) Sorey and also Meebs need to share everything, don't they? It's kind of cute!