After an extended stay, the party ultimately leaves the village of Füs and also makes method for the Imperial funding of Lesbule. Escorting castle is Mila Micola, a previous handmaid the the imperial court-turned personal assistant of our Hero. To run to a monster encounter along the way, the girls find that the strength bestowed upon them by the Hero"s semen wears out after time. Realizing this, they decision to "stock up" because that the night as they proceed to camp out in a forest teaming v monsters. Back Mila"s orders to be to stand guard together the party involved in your orgy, the odor of the Hero"s semen appears to be sufficient to produce an effect... In the end, the harem grows even bigger in this 2nd installment the the wildly well-known original series Tales of a Harem in an additional World by Tachibana Omina!
48Japanese Title: 異世界ハーレム物語~調教!ケモミミ従者~Romaji Title: ISEKAI HAREM MONOGATARI ~ CHOUKYOU! KEMOMIMI JUUSHA ~
* The components of this occupational is a work of fiction. All personalities depicted herein are at least 18 years of age despite an imaginative liberties ~ above the component of the writer that may imply otherwise. This job-related is not intended for sale come minors.

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