In complete disclosure, us were provided 2 move & go Dinos in exchange because that our honest review.

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If your youngsters are anything prefer mine, then they LOVE dinosaurs! My guys love developing their own dinosaur worlds and also adventures in their living room, bedroom and backyard. We have actually dinosaurs of every sizes, shapes and also textures yet we recently uncovered some awesome brand-new dino playthings from VTech that market something extra special!

VTech move & walk Dinos market a funny new way to play through dinosaurs. Not just are castle dinosaurs varying from T-Rex to Triceratops to Anklyosaurus, they also transform right into cars! That’s right! switch & go Dinos are actually 2 toys in 1! currently I recognize I said my children love dinosaurs, however what ns forgot to cite is that alongside dinosaurs, their favorite toys are their cars. Move & walk Dinos could not be any more perfect for my kids and many children their age.

Wait, it it s okay better! switch & go Dinos are likewise battery operated which allows them to make car and dinosaur sounds as well as share exciting facts around the dinosaur. Not just is that fun, the is an educational toy together well! with 7 dinosaurs to choose from, move & walk Dinos offer kids the possibility to discover all about their favourite dinosaurs and also engage in hours of finding out through play.


We were listed with Sliver the T-Rex and also Horns the Triceratops. Each have the right to be conveniently transformed indigenous a dinosaur to a race automobile and back again. Each dinosaur has 4 buttons: one controls the eyes and driver style, one controls the volume, one makes various sounds favor an engine or a roar and the last switch provides the dinosaur facts. The dinos are very easy to usage making pat time even more fun and engaging.

As friend know, at Mommy university we love playthings that offer methods for finding out through play. We believe that a toy have to offer a fun and also exciting experience while also fostering growth and also development. That is exactly what move & go Dinos offer, an exciting learning adventure!

Benefits the Playing through VTech move & walk DinosIncreases Knowledge

As children press the buttons top top the move & walk Dinosaurs, they will certainly hear amazing facts about their dinosaur. For instance, my children learned that the T-Rex supplies his tail come balance and make quick turns. They also learned that Triceratops has to have solid legs to hold up his hefty body. That is the perfect toy because that the budding paleontologist who desires to expand his knowledge about dinosaurs.

Sparks the Imagination

Switch & walk Dinos offer unlimited possibilities for play. My kids love having the T-Rex assault the car as well as having the Triceratops defeat T-Rex. My children even turned your dinos into their own form of airplanes. This Dinos allow kids enter into a human being of adventure and also fun. Kids can develop their very own dinosaur worlds and also create stories about their journey. Creative thinking and story informing will assist kids through reading and also writing in school!


My boys had actually fun pretending the T-Rex was going come eat the car!

Fosters Language Development

While playing, kids are learning new words and also dino terms which is broadening their vocabulary. This rises their expressive language skills. As kids listen come the dinosaurs talk, they are additionally enhancing their receptive language and also listening skills. Another an excellent way come foster language advancement is to ask your child what they space doing together they play. You can likewise ask them come repeat what the dinosaur says and also elaborate on the fact that to be just listed by the dinosaur.

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Enhances Social an abilities and Awareness

As children play together with their dinos, they room learning crucial social skills such together turn-taking and also sharing. They also learn exactly how to accordingly play there is no upsetting the other human or hurting their feelings. This is crucial skill in make friends (and maintaining them). Kids additionally learn to job-related together to create stories and also solve problems.


My boys had actually so much fun play together and learning come share your Switch & go Dinos!

If friend are looking for a new dinosaur toy or also a birthday existing for a young child, ns recommend the new Switch & go Dinos. They room affordable, fun and also educational! move & walk T-Rex and also Triceratops can be bought together as a set for only $27.99 top top Amazon (affiliate link)!