Suppose you room a scientist trying to aid people who cannot develop an enzyme essential for ideal digestion. How can you usage genetic engineering techniques come make transformed bacteria that produce the enzyme?

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Extract DNA native the cells of people who deserve to make the cradle enzyme. Cut the DNA v a limit enzyme, then usage gel electrophoresis and a DNA probe to situate the gene. Use the polymerase chain reaction to copy the gene. Pick a plasmid that has an antibiotic resistance genetic marker, and also cut the plasmid v the very same restriction enzyme offered to cut out the person gene. Insert the duplicates of the person gene right into the plasmids. Permit bacterial cell to take it in the plasmids. Select for revolutionized bacterial by growing them in a society containing the antibiotic. This bacteria will make the digestion enzyme.
What are three basic ways the scientists can use recombinant DNA technology to aid improve human health?
Genetic engineering can aid improve human wellness in plenty of ways.*First, scientist have the right to use genetic engineering to make an ext nutritional crops, such as golden rice. When people have better nutrition, castle are less likely to get particular diseases.*Second, scientist can use transgenic animals in medical research. Animals with modification genomes are offered as models in clinical experiments.*Third, scientist can treat illness using hereditary engineering. Some illness can be treated through drugs made through genetic engineering, and also some conditions can be treated directly through gene therapy.
How does the ideal to patent hereditary material and also genetic design techniques both help and hinder scientific progression in expertise the person genome?
On one hand, the ability to patent hereditary material helps progression by encouraging scientists to make new discoveries. Through a patent ~ above a gene or a brand-new technique, the scientist may make money. ~ above the other hand, if various other scientists want to usage the new method or gene, they have to pay the patent holder. The have to pay may prohibit some researchers from utilizing those devices in research, perhaps hindering progression in understanding the genome.

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