Newgrounds continuous uploaded flash videos of various kinds and also in 2007 we gained a video clip called Rawest Forest, it’s to be ten years and also it’s still as an excellent as the was ago then. If you never ever played supervisor Mario RPG, it to be an amazing game released at the finish of the SNES’ life however it had actually a huge impact ~ above those who played it. It basically made RPGs be my favorite genre for many years. The music was also excellent and also in details you had one together you made your way through Geno’s Maze i beg your pardon is the lift music that this video clip “Rawest Forest”.

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The text itself referral the entirety game as well as point out few of the gamings quirks. The flash computer animation has a details charm and while that isn’t the ideal it’s still really nice and has a pretty style. And also is able to feeling epic in ~ the very same time, nicely done because that a mostly comedic video. The creator of the video clip didn’t actually have actually anything to carry out with the song and also mainly make the animation. Prefer the Star wars Gangsta rap the creator at some point made a sequel the while technically an ext impressive it’s no as an excellent as the original.

Super Mario RPG: Waltz that the Forest

It has it’s own special charm and the flash animation is really impressive, he yes, really learned a many int he past few years. The lyrics are clever but they simply miss something, like any band once something is overproduced it loses its magic. Text below:

Rawest forest Lyrics:


Hey, have you heard about that Mario guy?Him? friend mean?Yea, the one through the mushroomsYea!You know, the one jumping about in the forestYea, yea, I understand him, I understand himYes? Okay, hey inspect it out!

Super Mario RPGIt is the only one just for meWhen i play the game, I get lost in a phaseThen I uncover out I’m stuck in Geno’s MazeGimme Frog Coins!Gimme Mario!Gimme Frog Coins!Gimme Mallow!Gimme see Ya!Gimme Geno!Gimme Cookies!Of course, we will gain you that MarioWe should mute the stupid voiceI need to gain those damn frog coins

There are numerous secrets in this game!Many of i m sorry drive some peeps insane!Why we try to cheat in a really an excellent game?Just sounds choose crap and it makes you look at lame!Exiting the forest is at sight simple:All you do is follow these course turnsFor the rest of her gaming life

Gimme Star Eye, gimme Cookies, gimme watch YaGimme an excellent Guy’s Casino gimme every little thing I needMy surname is Exor, I’m the rappers angelTravelling Blade with the Axem RangersWhy must lamers prefer Mario through his Party ofA bunch the retarded JoesFix a Star Road, ns don’t think soGeno Whirl!I don’t blink slowLet’s carry out this!Cause every time ns drive and rhyme a rhymeI damage my appropriate eye much more than nine times ninety nine

Lately’s to be a boredom and also lack of interestLittle cats contact us fags and incestuousItalian guy, gotta buy part time come blast best pastRescue the captive princessesKoopas and also Gombas, them ns laugh atI’ma fight “A” to raise the level of attacksDon’t struggle the poverty, yet hey! children that space lonely canDrop it and also play my video game to get their bodies to action glad

GimmeMy name is CrocoGimme, gimmeWalletGimmeWalletOh Hello!Gimme, gimmeOh, it’s a little creepy increase hereIn the finish of the gameYeah, it isGimmeI’m a tiny low on struggle pointsItemsGimme, gimmeYou have any kind of refreshments?Something rareYea, you can take this mushroomBUT IT’S ROTTEN!!

I am simply a princess, please aid me!Booster is scaryI’ve heard rumours he’s taking me come MarrymoreBut ns don’t wanna marry an ext I wanna get married MarioGimme Frog Coins!Gimme Mario!Gimme Frog Coins!Gimme Mallow!Gimme SeeYa!Gimme Geno!Gimme my frying pan and parasol

Waltz that the woodland Lyrics:

Super Mario-Oh RPGSuper Mario-Oh RPGSuper Mario-Oh RPG

Yo, Yo, You’re trapped in this placemake no mistakeor you’ll never ever escape

Super Mario-oh RPGIf I might ask you come play with me.Only if it wasn’t a one-player game.Something about it simply isn’t the same.

Entering the woodland came v ease.Now the I’m lost someone help me please!How deserve to I remember what carried me here.There is a story come tell, lend an ear.

Once ~ above a expedition a gigantic sword came down and also rippedApart a roadway that’s do of Stars, then they scattered to afar.Mario and also all the crew, top top adventure discovered a-new.Follow them together they proceed on a search to conserve me and also YOU!

(Listen to me)There are numerous secrets in this land,Up in the clouds or beneath the sand,Deep in ~ this labyrinth over there is place,If you walk looking you might go insane.

Exiting the woodland is very simpleFollow the trends on and also on again…(Exiting the forest is super simple)Or you’ll never discover what you contact home…(Listen to me or you’ll remorse it someday)Follow Geno’s path here…Follow Geno’s path here…Follow Geno’s route here…Follow Geno.

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(Follow Geno Now): Piano Solo:

Super Mario-oh RPGThis is a game just because that you and me.When you discover yourself in a miserable haze.It’s all because of the forest Maze.Exiting the woodland is at sight simple:All you carry out is follow these route turns(Exiting the woodland is supervisor simple)For the rest of your gaming life…(Listen to me or you’ll regret it someday)Follow Geno’s course here…Follow Geno’s path here…Follow Geno’s course here…Follow Geno.