If you want to know just how to obtain a horse in Story that Seasons: friend of Mineral Town and also how come take treatment of it, this horse guide will aid you.

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By Nikita ~ above Jul 23, 2020

You live a beautiful farm yard life in friends of Mineral Town wherein you can acquire pets like dogs, cats and raise chickens. But apart from those animals, girlfriend can additionally get and also raise a horse. A horse can be especially useful to travel approximately the town and also serves as a pretty companion. If you want to recognize how to obtain a horse in Story of Seasons: friends of Mineral Town and also how come take care of it, this guide will help you.

How to care for a horse in SoS: girlfriend Of Mineral Town

Unfortunately, you can not go and buy a horse straight up. You need to visit the first Derby top top the 18th Spring where you can bet on horse races. As soon as you carry out that, a character named Mugi will come to your farm. However he won’t it is in alone – that will bring along a brown pony through him. Mugi will tell you the this foal is not feeling well and also needs love and care. He’ll ask friend if you desire to raise the yourself.

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At this point, you have the right to either expropriate or decline. When you accept, the next thing you should do is give a name to your first horse. Mugi will offer you some tips to raise a horse also so make certain to monitor those guidelines. Here’s how to advanced a foal:

Brush the foalNo need to provide it food yet you can provide some pet TreatsTalk and also show attention

After 90 days, the foal will become a totally grown horse. If you have actually not excellent a an excellent job of reflecting love and also care, Mugi will certainly take the horse ago on the 90th day. Make sure that friend have built a friendship that at the very least 4 hearts. In instance Mugi does finish up taking the steed back, he will certainly return it come you after a year.

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So this is all about getting your an initial horse and raising the well. As soon as your equine is one adult, it deserve to participate in a equine derby too. For much more such valuable tips, check out ours SoS: friend of Mineral town guides appropriate away.

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