Seaboy 5 is winding down in Fortnite: Battle Royale, yet tright here are still obstacles left to carry out. That Battle Pass still hregarding be levelled up, after all, and also if you"ve currently acquired the Ragnarok skin you"ll still want the experience rewards to reach the lofty heights forced to level it up all the method. So never mind the mysterious purple cube leading to mischief anywhere the map and also the one Rift in the skies still threatening to understand lord knows what. We"re right here to finish the Seachild 5, Week 9 difficulties, and so let"s gain right into it. Read on to uncover out where the locations of seven various stone heads to visit in Fortnite: Battle Royale, finish via map.

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For how to follow the Shifty Shafts Treacertain Map, click right here. For the remainder of the Week 9 obstacles, click below.

To begin out, you"ll desire to know what you"re searching for. The Stone Heads are Moai, in the style of the Rapa Nui People on Easter Island, and you watch them popping up in video games and also pop culture all the moment. Here"s what they look choose in Fortnite:

The heads have actually been associated in a couple of challenges so far, a lot of notably the one that asked us to find wbelow they were all looking, somewright here by Salty Springs. They were teleported onto the map at the start of Seaboy 5, and so they"ve also been rift spawn points offered in various other challenges--there was a time trial that involved hopping all roughly the one by Junk Junction, also. They"ve end up being type of central objects in the seakid in its entirety, and also so it provides sense that we"re seeing a late difficulty so directlypointed at them.

Here are all seven locations:

And in message form:

West of Lucky Landing Southeast of Shifty Shafts Northeast of Grstraightforward Grove Southeastern of Junk Junction Northwest of Dusty Divot Due North from Tomato Temple East of Lonely Lodge

It"s an older-style challenge, so you will not have to perform anypoint besides show up at them to complete it. All of the Stone headsadditionally have actually treacertain chests by them, so none are such destructive places to drop: if you"re looking to gear up and also then head into a more populated area, they"re typically a great bet. They"ll no doubt be a little busier this week than usual, but the truth that there are salso of them need to dampen that result.

Fun fact: in genuine life, the heads actually have actually hidden bodies, extfinishing much even more undergroundthan you might guess. They offered to be much taller yet were spanned up over time.

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