Unparalleled design. Exceptional, long-lasting quality and also time-honored craftsmanship. Supreme, indulgent comfort. As soon as you choose Stearns & Foster, you have the right to rest assured that your mattress has actually been thoughtfully designed down to the last information to provide an outstanding night's sleep.

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Reserve Collection: ours Reserve collection is our highest expression the craftsmanship the is hand tufted because that durability through upholstery-grade velvet and also embroidery plus all the features and also materials you mean for one of-a-kind design, quality and also feel.

A king-sized bed make of two Twin long mattresses allowing you to share her bed without compromising her individual sleep preferences.

Personalized feels– Mix and match the very same or various feels to obtain a personalized sleep room for your ideal night’s sleep. Personalized adjustability– add a strength base because that your own personalized experience. Sleep level on your side while castle sit-up and read ~ above theirs.

Under regular conditions, they will not separate – particularly if lock are offered within a item of furniture that surrounds the bed to aid define the space. Even without a piece of furniture, that is rare that the bed will different as the load of the bases and the mattresses will call for a decent amount of force to move.

The mattress edges space rounded as such there may be a slim gap, yet most owners do not feel it or have concerns with it. If you select to customize one next or the other, there will be a feel difference when you relocate from one side of the bed come the other.

We style our mattresses come fit many standard dimension bed furniture and also frames. Unless your product was no designed for the U.S. Market, or is an unusual size, ours mattresses need to fit. If you have any type of questions around whether a Stearns & Foster mattress will certainly fit her bed or furniture frame, us recommend the you describe the specific product dimensions.

If the mattresses you pick for your custom split King/CA King space of different heights, our Sleep specialists can aid you understand how our strength bases may be maybe to help offset differences in mattress height.

AirVent System: Ventilated coil systems work-related with exterior air vents to aid prevent heat accumulation in your mattress to promote cool, comfortable, deep slumber throughout the night.Top Panel through Tencel™: A stretch-knit extending featuring Tencel, a sustainably sourced fiber supplied in strong wear, designed come wick away moisture.

We introduce you do not usage either electrical blankets or heater pads with our mattresses. Much longer periods the exposure come the heat from electrical blankets or heating pads may damage the mattress.

Yes, shipment staff deserve to bend the mattress during distribution if absolutely needed. We do not introduce bending further than 45 degrees; bending further can damage the coil structure. Us recommend measuring and checking dimensions beforehand to ensure lull of delivery.

Our structures look similar to a conventional box spring. Yet instead that the “give” the a box spring, our foundations administer a solid base for our mattresses.

Foundations help support the mattress to protect against bowing or sagging. A flat surface through sufficient facility support is forced to ensure complete warranty protection for a Stearns & Foster mattress.

All Stearns & Foster flat foundations are made native high-grade wood, through a support structure created from high-gauge steel wire.

We encourage you to buy a structure when girlfriend buy your mattress; it gives the solid base your mattress needs to perform its project properly. If you pick not to purchase our foundation, you must position the mattress ~ above a totally flat, solid surface ar with adequate facility support. Please keep in mind that using the mattress there is no a Stearns & Foster structure or similar firm, solid-surface, non-spring base may void the warranty.

No, you must not place the mattress ~ above a crate spring. Box springs space designed come “give-in” supporting a classic mattress, when Stearns & Foster mattresses need a solid base.

If her platform bed has actually a solid surface and strong center assistance that have the right to properly support the mattress, you deserve to use it rather of a foundation. However, if the platform bed offers slats to support the mattress, you may be making use of an improper structure that will certainly void her warranty.

Can I location a item of particleboard or plywood end a crate spring to develop a flat surface because that my mattress?

No. A crate spring is draft to support a classic spring mattress, and also it “gives”. Placing a item of particleboard or plywood end a crate spring will produce a surface ar that is unstable and will void your warranty.

We designed every of our structures to support the load of a mattress plus two persons resting on top. Each foundation is designed to support approximately 600 pounds the weight.

Our power bases assistance up come 650 lbs. Every (Twin, twin Long, Double, Queen, and Split/Dual CA King bases). All power bases will certainly structurally assistance the encourage weight spread evenly throughout the head and also foot sections. Power base assets are not designed to assistance or lift the amount of weight in the head or foot sections alone.

We have found that the power bases fit inside most contemporary bed frames. However, they might not fit within antique bed frames or various other non-standard frames. We recommend you measure up the within of the bed frame and also compare to the measurements noted to be certain the strength base will fit.

To find the serial number for your strength base, look at the regulation tag attached come the cover, the power down box under the base and also on the framework right listed below the foot finish of the base. It might be much easier to view by lifting the foot slightly if possible. The serial number is additionally printed ~ above the owner’s manual shipped v the base.

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