The team lands at a moon base, v Padawan Ezra Bridger (Taylor Gray) top them top top a refugees rescue mission.

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Ezra and Chopper are furtive about where they"re obtaining the intel around their target, v the droid communicating with a mysterious call via transmitter.

They discover the refugees being accosted through an royal officer and also a squad of Stormtroopers. Zeb (Steve Blum) is shocked to watch that the refugees are his people, the virtually extinct Lasat.

making use of the aspect of surprise, the rebels take down their royal foes and Ezra"s contact makes his appearance.

"I offered the Lasats come the Empire, understanding the heroes would save the day!" states the lovably immoral Hondo Ohnaka (Jim Cummings). "You gift the heroes of course."

Captain Hera Syndulla (Vanessa Marshall) is extensively unimpressed by Hondo"s behavior, but he insists that the few remaining Lasats must be reunited.

The refugees pair are absolutely happy to see Zeb. The formidable feather Gron (Gary Anthony Williams) and elderly Chava (Grey Griffin) refer to him as a captain the "the Lasan High honor Guard," hinting in ~ the level of call he hosted in the society, and also speak about his role in a prophecy.


This photo will be familiar to those who"ve viewed "The force Awakens," yet the Ghost crew and their Lasat allies aren"t trying to find Luke Skywalker. (Disney)

The crew do their way back to the Ghost v their passengers. Chava speak Ezra that they space on their means to a prophesized safe system, Lirasan, where their human being "can begin anew" after ~ the destruction of Lasan in ~ the hand of the Empire. However, a nihilistic Zeb is quick to i have dissolved the idea as a myth.

having actually hung back, Hondo gets caught by an ext Stormtroopers and lets them know that rebels have been spotted ~ above the base. Exhilaration on the pirate"s information and also orders from certified dealer Kallus (David Oyelowo), the troops hunt under the Ghost crew.

Hondo continues to play both sides in his inimitable fashion by call Ezra to warn him. Hera join Sabine Wren (Tiya Sircar) and also Jedi Kanan Jarrus (Freddie Prinze Jr.) in gunning under their imperial enemies, however Gron refuses come fight.

"It is no longer our way," the says, prior to Zeb tackles him to the ground as blaster shots zip v the air.

They discover themselves surrounded by Stormtroopers, however Hondo closes the blast doors, separating every the next and permitting the Ghost crew to reach the ship. Yet another Imperial squad records Hondo in ~ the controls.

The Ghost escapes come hyperspace just as Kallus come in his royal cruiser, yet a captive Hondo reveals that he have the right to track them.


Chava claims they will discover Lirasan utilizing a ritual, making referral to "the Ashla": the heart of the galaxy. Kanan speak Ezra that the pressure has been given numerous names by the galaxy"s innumerable cultures.

The elderly Lasat makes recommendation to the three players in the prophecy: the Fool, the Warrior and also the Child. A cynical Zeb instantly assumes the he is the Warrior, when Ezra must be the child.

together the routine begins, the storms out and the Padawan follows. The previous honor safety captain recounts exactly how he failure his people during the loss of Lasat; he retreated once the empire bombed the royal palace and was rescued by Kanan, who gave him a brand-new purpose.

using a plot machine similar to that checked out in "The pressure Awakens," Chopper tasks a map of the galaxy to aid in the ritual and Chava recalls how the child is prophesized to conserve the Warrior and the Fool.

Zeb whines when he realizes the he is the Child, yet cooperates by thrusting his bo-rifle right into the map alongside Chava"s staff. They create an electrical current which highlights a system in uncharted Wild room and Hera to adjust the course.

The hyperspace trip is cut quick when a warning klaxon highlights other in your path. When the Ghost reverts to real space, they uncover themselves dwarfed through an explosive star cluster and also Hera notes that its gravity field will ruin them if castle get any closer.

Composer Kevin Kiner"s job-related is frequently lost in the activity of "Rebels," however his talent really shines as the characters gaze at the potentially lethal majesty that the star. The strings and subtle choral chanting include a good deal of gravitas to the scene"s stunning visuals.

Zeb is furious at this revelation, shouting that "prophecy varieties always pull something prefer this." Savvy viewers will certainly no doubt agree v this sentiment.

The royal cruiser arrives straight behind the Ghost and also Kallus requirements their instant surrender. Hondo, having tried and failed to charm the smug agent, admits to Ezra that he hid a tracking machine in their transmitter. In a futile gesture of frustration, Chopper smashes it.

"The child in girlfriend can"t see exactly how things are, but how they deserve to be. The fool denies his destiny, but it is the Warrior you room who will produce one."


Empowered by this notion, Zeb slams his bo-rifle into the Ghost"s navigation computer. The electrical arcs that highlighted the system previously move the ship towards the ruined star.

The cruiser launches TIE battle aircraft to avoid them, but they room instantly disintegrated by the gravity ar while the Ghost stays untouched. When the imperial ship"s hefty fire arcs far from the rebel ship and they feel the pull of the heaviness field, Kallus assignment a full retreat. That is sure that his adversaries room doomed.

However, the Ghost"s hyperdrive activates and also they enter the star with a kaleidoscopic new hyperspace effect.

after a tense cut, we uncover the crew unconscious in the Ghost"s cockpit. Chopper, ever before the jerk, rolls into Ezra"s head to rouse him and the teen"s loud reaction wakes the others. Zeb gazes ~ above the brand-new system lock have uncovered with wonder.

we don"t watch the Lasat trio"s excursion to the earth in the Phantom dropship, but Zeb returns to the Ghost and also announces the they uncovered the other members of their race under there. He notes that Lirasan is where the Lasat originated and also Hera claims they"ll be able to return there through ease.

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"And if we meet any kind of other Lasat, i will show them the way," vow Zeb, plainly invigorated by a new sense of purpose.