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Kelly KnoxCrafty Geek and also Geeky Crafter

Which adventure in Star Wars: The High Republic is following on your To Be check out (TBR) list? If you’re no certain, we’re right here to help. This printable bookmark has a perform of current and upcoming 2021 releases for this exciting brand-new era of Star Wars. Store track the the tale as it provides its means across the stars through novels, graphics novels, and also comic books.

From the an initial story that disaster and also perseverance in light of the Jedi, come the action-packed graphic novel Monster of temple Peak in the summer, come the journey of Lily Tora-Asi in The leaf of Balance this fall, this perform has everything to watch because that in the first phase that High Republic storytelling. You i will not ~ miss any kind of of the electrifying galaxy-spanning story v this bookmark in hand.

Step 1: Download the template and publish it!*

*The activities in this post should only be done v adult supervision.


Step 2: Cut out the bookmark along the gray lines with scissors or a file cutter.


Step 3: Use the bookmark as-is or glue it to your favorite color of cardstock, building and construction paper, or patterned scrapbook paper. Let the dry and trim that again, and also you’re ready to go ago to an also longer time back in a galaxy far, much away.


Visit Lucasfilm’s official hub for every things Star Wars: The High Republic at ugandan-news.com/TheHighRepublic.


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Kelly KnoxCrafty Geek and Geeky Crafter

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