During the Clone wars of the Star Wars franchise, the AT-AT combat vehicle (All Terrain Armored Transport), was used by the imperial forces. The giant, four-legged mechanically beast to be a pretty an effective weapon, but aquarium enthusiast Carly Thompson imagines a reality where they’ve met their demise. She produced a Star Wars themed aquarium, where the remains of an AT-AT pedestrian is “swimming with the fishes”—literally.

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The idea for the the sci-fi-inspired tank came when Thompson’s brothers bought she an AT-AT aquarium decoration for Christmas. In ~ first, she wasn’t sure around using it, as she commonly doesn’t use artificial elements in she aquariums. However, she decided to try something new. “I knew the I want it to look as natural as possible,” Thompson tells My modern-day Met. “I recalled the map Kashyyk in the video game Star Wars: Jedi please Order. That and also the Moon the Endor from the Star battles movies were my impetus for this tank.”

It take it Thompson roughly three days come design and put with each other the fish tank. She offered a common aquarium wood called cholla to produce the tall, burly tree trunks. She then provided java moss and also a three-leaf seeds to create the mossy jungle appearance. As soon as the aquarium to be finished, all that was left to execute was decide on which fish will certainly live within the underwater world.

“The maritime life that I made decision to put right into this tank was a very challenging decision,” Thompson reveals. “I wanted neon tetras because I feel the shining blue and red colors would certainly not just represent a lightsaber appearance, however they would additionally give a great pop that color.” However, Thompson ended up fall in love with ember tetras and also decided to placed them in the tank instead. “Their fiery red color and the all at once natural habits of this fish are what made me want them. I purchased 5 of them at my regional pet store and also stocked mine tank,” she says. “These fish to be so curious and energetic in the tank.”

After doing more research right into the species, Thompson decided the ember tetras would be more happiness in she larger, thirty-gallon tank. She changed them v red cherry shrimp and Ramshorn snails, who seem come be prospering in their galactic forest. Thompson says, “I love this tank, and I never expected everyone to love it as much as i do.”

Aquarium enthusiast Carly Thompson produced a Star Wars-themed fish tank v a sunken AT-AT combat vehicle.

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Carly Thompson: Reddit

My modern-day Met granted permission to function photos through Carly Thompson.

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