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Welcome come the Roses Glassworks net site.

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us are currently open earlier to our consistent store hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10am come 6pm. Friday 10am come 3pm, and Saturday 10am come 4pm. Roses has actually a many of brand-new glass, brand-new supplies, and brand-new ideas to help make your dreams a reality... Classes have begun again, and everyone is excited sufficient to it is in a institution kid searching for their next project, so come visit united state soon, we"re right here for you keeping your safety and next task in mind!
Welcome come our website. We hope you enjoy the website, but encourage you to visit ours actual studio and also school. Over there is no method to advertise all the excited our students have actually in starting a brand-new project, or in finishing their latest masterpiece.

All the glass colors room so vivid, the principles take top top a life of their own, the laughter, the fun, all we are absent is you...


situated on the western edge of Portland Oregon, known across the world as “The City of Roses”, we at Roses Glassworks take an excellent pride in supplying quality classes because that beginners through progressed students in many forms of stained glass and also fused glass. We offer custom work, repairs to your beneficial stained glass pieces, and an ever growing inventory and supplies for you to choose from for every your arts glass needs.

Come in to meet Pam and Mitch McDougal, enjoy the brand-new changes come the basic or just drop by to introduce yourself and also show us the latest piece of arts you are creating.

We will certainly be continually making many brand-new updates come this internet site, brand-new photos, brand-new stories and more classes. Please check earlier often so that you can acquire to recognize us, and also become component of our family.

Please visit united state today, even if it is in person, over the telephone, or by internet. Us truly look forward to meeting you and also helping you create the artwork of your dreams.

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Pam and also Mitch McDougal

Hi everyone, simply thought i would give a little update on Roses Glassworks and staff. We are all doing an excellent here and looking forward to the upcoming holidays. There will certainly be numerous dates roughly Thanksgiving and Christmas the we will be closed, so when in doubt, give us a call or check back on our social media. A couple of questions the we have been asked recently seemed favor a great forum come answer on social media, so v your permission, lets shot a couple... 1) Why aren"t we open on Sunday"s?

Answer: We are not together young as we provided to be, so even WE need a weekend. 2) will you provide me a larger discount due to the fact that I"m special, or I spend more, or because I"m Green?

Answer: No. We sell several "posted" discounts which space a college student discount, employee discount, company discount, an elderly discount, and also a military discount. However, if you are green and also you resemble a details Christmas story character, come and also see me - We"ll talk 3) will you allow me take photos of perfect glass art, or offer me duplicates of someone"s patteren drawing? Answer: we can"t, wouldn"t and shouldn"t. Ours students and staff work really hard to develop their pattern"s and also then finished piece of art. I would never take into consideration doing anything come take away the proud they feel in creating something that their really own. Over there is also a law in location to defend artist"s ideas and drawings. It"s referred to as "Proprietary Property". 4) will you move to a bigger structure to offer more classes? Answer: us are continuing to be in our tiny building the looks prefer a item of arts in itself. Perhaps Van Gogh art? together to much more classes, assist us discover a day through 26 hours that doesn"t end with a " Y ", then maybe? we really space trying come create new fun classes and fit them right into our schedule, so store your finger crossed.

5) Holiday"s? Answer: Easy, Thanksgiving is pajamas, Turkey, pumpkin pie and also the movie "White Christmas" Christmas for united state is all around family and also trying to save up with the grandkids.

If you like this question and answer format, you re welcome let me know and also we"ll increase on it. If you don"t treatment for this at all - " You"re a median one, Mr. Grinch..." Roses Glassworks

Store Hours:

Please check out the keep in mind above about hours at top of page Tuesday v Thursday: 10am – 6pm Friday:10am – 3pm Saturday Summer Hours: 10am – 4pm Phone: (503) 246 - 9897 - more contact info