12 high quality photos featuring words beginning with letter A. This totally free clip art collection includes 6 fancy images and 6 black and white line drawings.Graphics included: apple, astronaut, alligator, ant, anchor, ax♢ PNG style with transparent backgrounds for basic integration into your projects♢

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Colorful set to use for bulletin plank or indigenous walls, liven up in course games, or as clipart for your commercial products!This is a arsenal of clipart photos with transparent backgrounds (png format). The collection includes 26 uppercase letters. They are about 4.5-5 inches at full size but
Use these MAGAZINE LETTER CUTOUTS- BLACK and also WHITE set in her classroom because that a wide range of arts and also crafts and also literacy activities. Prevent wasting time browsing for enough of the ideal letters for her activity. Just print the page and start cutting! great for letter learning, spelling, indigenous wo

Some days we simply Need a fun complimentary set the Rainbow Letters! now is that Day!! Rainbow letter Clip Art collection includes 26 clipart pieces This set includes just uppercase letters in a painted and sparkly RAINBOW THEME!!This collection came about as a "happy accident" while ns was playing approximately in an arts pr
Use these funky zebra publish word wall surface border and also alphabet labels to include a popular music of color to native wall. This set includes one collection of round Word wall surface bright shade zebra summary banner letters and also a little round set of neon outlined alphabet headers. I would love come hear back from you so please don't f
Free Black and also White Alphabet Cards! is a black and also white variation of one of my payment products. The full color Chevron and also Dots: Alphabet Cards! pack deserve to be uncovered here!********************************************************************************************* Product rapid Look ***************
This complimentary CVC brief vowel clip art collection includes 3 photos from the ox familyYou will get:- box- fox- poxYou will obtain 3 copies of each picture (9 pictures in total) in the following formats: black and white; colored through colored outlines and colored with black outlines.By downloading this collection yo
This team of clip art includes 111 pictures of AR, ER, IR, OR and UR words. They have the right to be provided for an individual and advertisement use. These photos come in 3 versions: color, gray and also black & white, other than for some which are much better suited because that gray and/or black color & white only. AR: Alarm, bark, car, shark
This is a chart the lists every the typical blend and digraph spellings. It enables learners the freedom to use snapshot clues come locate and also eventually learn the typical sounds and spellings for blends and digraphs the the English language. It is perfect to usage in a discovering center, or come put right into a
Apostrophe Detective badge AwardBadge come print and also give come students as soon as they grasp the usage of apostrophes. This is a fun method to celebrate students' success through apostrophes. The badge includes a space to compose the surname of the "detective." This is one component of mine Apostrophe Toolbox because that Teachers
Lucky Feather illustrations room high-resolution images. They deserve to be quickly layered and also scaled.This package contains:- complete alphabet letters, numbers and also symbols in pink, blue and greenAll lucky Feather pictures are depicted by, and the an innovative property of, Melissa Bissing. They have to not it is in
"I have... Who has?" game with an ASL (Sign Language) twist. Students inquiry & interact with every other, in ASL, to figure out who has what's noted on your card. ASL photos are shown for playtime terms. Great way for students to find out numbers in ASL. Great way to obtain students interacting wi
Freebie has ONLY full color of letters A-Z and numbers 0-20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, and a empty image! My terms of Use has actually been recently updated, come allow an ext affordable and less confusing "rules the use". Every clipart photo is created using high resolution (300dpi) and also is conserved in
This group of clip art consists of 42 photos of AI and also AY words. They can be provided for an individual and commercial use. These pictures come in 3 versions: color, gray and black & white, except for part which are better suited for gray and/or black color & white only. AI: Bait, Chain, Mail, Nail, Paint, Snai
This load includes:-blank worksheet-scrabble tilesPractice assignment words using Scrabble tiles. This activity has the included dimension of practicing straightforward addition. I m sorry spelling word has the biggest numerical value?Instructions:-laminate the empty worksheet and use dry-wipe pens to record an
I produced this bookmark come go in addition to the sound posters I have actually created. The students deserve to use the visual reminders to aid them mental the sounds that the vowel combinations & digraph make. Ns have likewise created posters for the classroom. Please examine them out. This bookmark contains the s
You can cut out and also laminate the circles through sight native in the middle and also then student can develop a long caterpillar of vision words! Enjoy!Words in this packet are from the pre-primer, primer, first, and 2nd grade lists.
This team of clip art has 53 photos of OW words. They have the right to be supplied for personal and advertisement use. These images come in 3 versions: color, gray and also black & white.Diphthong: Cow, Crown, Down, Frown, Howl, Meow, OwlLong O Sound: Arrow, Bow, Elbow, Pillow, Rainbow, Snow, Window, Yellow (sever
This document contains assorted labels to usage for word functions supply containers. You deserve to use this on smaller containers because that individual students or enlarge castle to usage on bigger containers for a course set. Throughout Daily 5/Centers, my youngsters have a selection as to which supplies they want to use during word wo
FREE kids WORDS CLIP art SETHappy Smiling youngsters Climbing end Alphabet Letters.WHAT friend GET4 - Transparent PNG files - 300dpi - approx 8 inches/2400 pixels ~ above the longest side.Alphabet children - acquire the finish alphabet here and make increase your very own words and also titles.More totally free ClipArt - Lot's the
A great and straightforward 2D forms poster through inviting colour to identify each shape, paired through a classroom friendly font. These posters display wonderfully in her classroom and make finding out shapes easy!Shapes list:- Triangle- Square- Rectangle- Circle- Star- Diamond- Hexagon- Oval
Watermelon sparkle Letters: consists of 104 clipart images. This set includes all UPPERCASE and LOWERCASE letters! I've included full color and black and white alternatives to offer much more versatile uses; whether you're producing for online resources or in classroom work these space sure to include some funny to your
Heres come 2021!!! Let's start with a Freebie! Freebie consists of three color choices for a-z. I've included blank choices for each shade too. My regards to Use has actually been newly updated, to allow more affordable and also less confuse "rules that use". Every clipart picture is developed using high resolution (300

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