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If there’s a much more underrated protective player heading into next week’s NFL Draft 보다 Breeland Speaks, the sport’s most veteran analyst hasn’t watched him.

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The breeze will begin April 26 in ~ AT&T stadium in Arlington, Texas, and Mel Kiper Jr. Thinks Speaks will easily be the very first Ole miss out on player to come turn off the board as soon as it does. Speaks most likely won’t be choose on the very first day of the three-day breeze — just the an initial round will be held next Thursday — yet Kiper no think Rebels’ former defensive lineman will have to wait lengthy to hear his named dubbed on the second day, predicting Speaks will be taken in the 2nd or 3rd round.

“He deserve to do anything friend want,” stated Kiper, ESPN’s lead draft analyst. “I look at underrated players and I look at the protective linemen, that is the most underrated. He is the man I’m the most excited about.”

Mock drafts vary regarding how much NFL teams like Speaks, though plenty of of them space in line with Kiper’s opinion. Walter Football has actually Speaks going to the Detroit Lions in the 3rd round with the 82nd all at once pick in its recent mock draft while NFLDraftScout.com, which ranks Speaks as the 94th-best draft-eligible player, has actually Speaks heading come the Dallas Cowboys in the fourth round v the 116th pick.

Kiper, who’s been an analyst because that ESPN because 1984, claimed the factor for his opinion of speak is his adaptability as a 6-foot-3, 287-pounder as well as the manufacturing that flashed so late in his university career. Speaks moved to defensive end midway through last season ~ spending his an initial two year at Ole miss on the interior and was a disruptive force off the edge, racking up career-highs in tackles (67), tackles because that loss (8) and also sacks (7).

It’s the kind of production that ultimately matched the hype through Speaks, that signed v Ole miss as a four-star recruit the end of Jackson’s Callaway High in 2015 but didn’t have much more than 32 tackles or 5.5 tackles for loss in one of two people of the previous two periods after redshirting. Kiper claimed the absence of consistency could give some teams pause but added teams might be gaining a player that’s just beginning to tap right into his potential.

“When you obtain the production to complement the talent, it is what the showed,” Kiper said. “You didn’t recognize what his talent would be in state of computer numbers. We uncovered that the end at the combine, and also he tested great. … It’s only one year of production. That went indigenous one sack to 7 sacks this year, but I’ll roll the dice v a Breeland speaks in the 2nd or third round.”

Kiper said he could see speaks adding much more weight as an end in a 3-4 defense or slide inside as a 3-technique in a 4-3 scheme relying on how a team desires to utilize a skill collection that starts with rare athleticism because that a player his size.

“He’s just so quick and also gets upfield for this reason easily,” Kiper said. “Enormous upside.”

Speaks stated after his workout at Ole Miss’ agree day last month that most teams check out him together an inner linemen, adding he’s comfortable play either spot.

Late-round qualities for Haynes, Wilkins

Getting come the quarterback was Marquis Haynes’ specialty in ~ Ole Miss, and also Kiper doesn’t check out that transforming at the next level.

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Haynes had at least seven sacks each season through the Rebels and finished his career together the program’s career sack leader in the contemporary era (since 1983) through 32. Kiper stated not gift able come round out his game over his 4 years in Oxford will most likely drop the 6-2, 234-pound Haynes come the latter rounds that the seven-round draft in spite of his burst off the edge.

“I think as soon as you look at him, he’s an early Day 3 guy, maybe late day 2,” Kiper said. “Rushing the passer is something everybody wants, and also Haynes has presented that capability when he’s been at his best.”

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