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Avocados. Ruth Hartnup/Flickr

This day and age, we"re able to gain avocados ~ above a day-to-day basis. It wasn"t constantly the case, however luckily we"re next-door neighbors with the an ar that began the avocado craze. In fact, Mexico accounts for around 80% that the avocado distribution in the U.S., according to a2017 USDA report.

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Avocados may be a hot commodity now, yet their popularity dates back to around 500 BC in Mesoamerica (Mexico and central America).Around this time, Mesoamerica to be filled through Nahuatl-speaking Aztecs. Upon discovering the beautiful fruit, the Aztecs called itāhuacatl,which straight translates to... "testicle."

Call it a lucky guess or just usual sense, yet the texture, shape, and size likely offered the avocado the iconic surname — no to point out the means they cave in pairs from the tree.


Avocado toast. AlexPro9500/iStock

It transforms out the the translation is just one of the yesteryear, and also "avocado" isn"t a synonym for the gonads ~ all. The name advanced shortly after Spanish conquerers arrived and began to adapt Mesoamerican culture. This is when several words were streamlined or gently revised; for example, mizquitl ended up being mesquite, coyotl became coyote, etc.

The same happened withāhuacatl, which was revised and ended up shedding its reproductive connotation in the process. It became "aguacate," i beg your pardon is the current day Spanish loanword because that avocado, sothe association v testicle went away v the surname change.

Some people think that guacamole method "testicle sauce."


Guacamole. Hungry Dudes/Flickr

Believe the or not, people have speculated the guacamole converts to "testicle sauce." return it seems far-fetched, there"s one ironic curveball to the avocado-testicle debacle. The Nahuatl word,mōlli, method "sauce." Told you it was ironic!

As lot as world would love come think that guacamole has actually a an enig dirty meaning, it"s simply a only coincidence.Snopesdebunked the myth through the insight from a Mesoamerican language specialist, Dr. Frances Karttunen.

He states that because the original wordwas modified into a word the doesn"t lug the exact same meaning, climate it is no a word the signifies the masculine organ.As Snopes put it, compare "guacamole" come "testicle sauce" is the exact same as speak baseball means "base-testicle."

The background behind words "avocado" is bizarre.


Avocado. NatashaPhoto/iStock

We can all remainder easy understanding that our avocado toast isn"t actually testicle toast, and maybe next time you"re acquiring your weekly develop you"ll psychic the background behind the word.

This delicious fruit — yes, it"s a fruit — has actually a strong history of price fluctuations, so prior to the pricesescalatetoo much, walk nuts! (Pun intended).

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