Hiring, Discipline, Termination

Credit Checks, Background Checks,Severance Agreements, Unemployment

Discrimination + Harassment

Based on Age, Race, Sex, Pregnancy, Disability, EEOC

Privacy in the Workplace

Monitoring E-Mail, Monitoring phone Calls, Lie Detector Tests...

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Retaliation and Defamation

Retaliation versus Whistleblowers, Blogs and Public Statements Defamation, U-5 Defamation, The Illegal extraterrestrial Defense...

Family and Medical Leave

California FML Laws, Federal FMLA,San Francisco"s Paid leave Act...

Employee Benefits

COBRA, ERISA, Paid sick Leave, 401(k)...

Special Rules because that US Military



Wage and Hour
Retaliation + Defamation
household Medical leave Act
discipline + discontinuation
Privacy in the rectal
special US military Rules
Employee services

Business Immigration


Family Immigration

Temporary Work and also Study Visas

H-1B worker, L-1 multinational, O-1 research, TN NAFTA, E-1, E-2 contract Investor, J-1, F-1...

 Family Immigration

Spouses, Parents and also Children, Siblings, Fiancées, Affidavit of Support, K-3, Conditional Residence, CSPA...

Employment Based Greencards

PERM job Certification, Multinational Managers, Outstanding Researchers, National attention Waivers, I-140 Portability, Ability come Pay...

 Deportation & Waivers

Release ~ above Bond, Cancellation the Removal, 245(i) Special Education, Waivers, Asylum, GLBT Issues, Withholding, CAT, Voluntary Departure, Appeals...

Corporate Compliance

H-1B record Maintenance, H-1B Audits, I-9 Compliance, Staffing/Consulting Companies, H-1B Dependency...

 Immigration and also Crimes

Aggravated Felonies, Crimes entailing Moral Turpitude, Bars to Deportation Defenses, Bars come Naturalization, U visas...

Layoffs and Downsizing

Duty to retract H-1B, Employer Liability for Errors, Layoff and also PERM, H-1B Layoffs...

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 Adjustment & Citizenship

Adjustment the Status, Citizenship, Consular Process, Medical Exams, 3 & 10 Year Bar, Advance Parole, EAD...